10-mile TT results, 16th June

With some RCCers saving their strength for Mountain Mayhem this weekend, the numbers were down a bit tonight. But nine riders still faced timekeepers Keith Underwood and Dave Schubert. It was a sunny night – unlike last night, where apparently there was a torrential downpour – but there was a stiff westerly breeze. (Will we ever have a non-windy day this year?!)

They’ve re-tarmacked just outside that little chapel where the start is, and there are now about three different yellow marks. But they were close enough together and we all set off from the same one. (There’s a leeway of a yard a mile on TT courses anyhow.)

The wind seemed almost to be on our backs when we set off, but we were riding into it on the second part of the outward leg. And it was definitely easier coming back. I set off behind Andy and had 20 seconds on him at the roundabout, but he must’ve put the hammer down then as there was only a second between us at the finish.

Not sure how everyone else’s ride went, but Pete’s support team did a good job cheering him on.

It wasn’t the easiest of nights, not that you’d know it from the times that Paul, Ralph and Matthew managed.

Thanks to Dave and Keith for timekeeping. (Keith had a plumbing emergency too!)

1  22:40 Matthew Enticknap (TEFR)

2 22:56 Ralph Lilley (FW)

3  22:57 Paul Hickman (TEFR)

4 24:32 Barrie Cappleman (SPCC)

5  24:54 Dan Joyce (RCC)

6  24:55 Andy Browne (RCC)

7 26:24 Andy McLellan (SPCC)

8 28:22 Nick McLellan (SPCC)

9  28:53 Pete McCauley (RCC)

The next RCC time trial is in two weeks at Burton Fleming.

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