2017 TT series

The time trial season kicks off in a few weeks. This year we’re doing things a bit differently: Richardsons CC and Scarborough Paragon have a shared event calendar. (On top of which, Paragon have some other events of their own.) The reason for this is mostly to do with volunteers, which we both need to run events. But it’ll also mean we get twice as many riders at one event per week rather than half as many at two events per week.

There will be more events to take part in and more riders to compete against. We’ll be running our own competitions separately for our own riders, although if you’re a member of both clubs it’s plausible that one event could count for competitions in each club. Basically it’s business as usual: you’ll turn up and pay your £3 to ride. When we’re running the event, the money will go to us; when Paragon are running it, it will go to them. When we’re running the event, we’ll provide timekeepers and marshals, when they are, they will, etc. I’ll be looking for marshals SOON. For while we’ve only got TEN events to supply timekeepers and marshals for, we’ll need more volunteers at each event. (With more riders, we’ll need separate volunteers at the start and finish for most events.)

Anyway here’s the list. I’ll put up another post in the next week or so explaining the RCC competitions but it’ll probably be much like last year.

Included here are interclub events that RCC, Paragon, and three other local clubs (Malton Wheelers, Bridlington CC, and Yorkshire Coast Clarion) are running.



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