About Us

Richardsons CC is a club for mountain bikers and road cyclists in the Scarborough area. We’re the biggest and fastest growing bike club on the Yorkshire coast. There’s 169 of us so far – men, women, middle-aged, young, race fit, and beer-fuelled. We’ve got one main thing in common: we like to ride bikes. Some of us mostly ride on singletrack, some of us mostly ride on tarmac. Plenty of us do both. You’re welcome to join us, doing the cycling you already like or trying out cycling you might like. We’re lucky to have some of the best riding in Britain on our doorstep. And we want to share it.

Richardsons CC is Clubmark certified – click the Clubmark logo below to see our certificate.


We’re continuing to grow and develop as a club too. You’ll also find attached here a document showing the club’s development goals.


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