AGM Monday 8th March, 7pm

Next Monday’s members’ meeting is also our AGM, as we’ve been going for a year now. The format won’t be hugely different from other meetings: it will be upstairs at The Victoria Hotel (almost opposite Scaborough railway station). That means we can have a pint or two while we get down to business.

Members of the commitee will each give short reports on how things have gone over the past year and talk about what’s upcoming, then we’ll have the election of committee members. Anyone can stand for these roles – all you need is someone to put their hand up as your proposer and someone else to second the proposal. While most of the committee will be restanding, it’s not a closed shop, and if there’s more than one candidate we’ll have a show of hands to see who gets in.

We also have the opportunity to vote on any motions. At the moment, there’s just the one: an amendment to our constitution. You’ll have had an email about that from club secretary Lorraine. But if there’s a motion you want to put forward, for a course of action that you want the club to adopt, you can. All you need to do is get it in writing to Lorraine by Friday night, along with the name of a seconder (someone who supports your motion). Both of you need to be Richardsons CC members, and we’ll vote on any and all motions at the meetings.

That’s the business bit. There will also be a raffle. And the prize is a good one: one year’s free individual membership of Richardsons CC. Don’t say we never give you anything. 😉

We were a bit late sorting out a speaker for this meeting, so Dan – a cycling journalist for almost 20 years – is going to give a short talk (followed by a short question-and-answer session) on what happens in terms magazine bike testing. It’ll be a sort of ‘behind the scenes of bike testing’ talk. If you want to ask anything related to bike testing  – what is ‘trail’ when it comes to steering, what makes a fast road bike tyre, is the 26-inch hardtail dead as an XC racing platform, or whatever – he’ll do his best to answer.

Look forward to seeing you there.

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