Annual dinner & Awards

The Richardsons CC dinner will take place at the Hayburn Wyke Inn on 20 March. It’ll be a great chance to get together before the season properly kicks off, a chance to eat, drink, and be merry, a chance to win literally hundreds of pounds worth of prizes in the raffle (er, that’s in total, not what you’ll win with one ticket).

Here are some more details about the dinner from Jackie:

The annual club dinner and awards will take place on the 20th March 2015 at 7.30 at the Hayburn Wyke at Cloughton

The meal is £14.50 a head and will include a carvery style meal, dessert and coffee.

Please buy tickets in advance at Richardsons bike shop on Castle Road or contact Jackie on 07752420911 or Debbie at the shop. The annual awards will be presented and there will be the usual raffle (a famous event with a very generous amount of prizes) and possibly even a quiz. If anyone has raffle prizes to donate (unwanted Christmas gifts, wine, choccies, biking paraphernalia, you name we accept it!!) please let Jackie or Debbie have them. If you haven’t been to one before it is a very sociable night and great to meet fellow bikers.

Talking of awards: we give out trophies not just to members who have won races (although we do that too), but for other stuff, and to people who help make the club what it is. These trophies are voted for, kind of like the Oscars. Here are the awards and the people who have been nominated.

When you’ve had a read, click here to go to Survey Monkey where you can vote. We’ll collate the results secretly, and then whoever wins can get up and make a tearful acceptance speech. You need to vote no later than 13th March, which is when the survey will close.


Dave Myers (aka Cannon Ball Dave or Pot Noodle Dave)

Dave has taken to time trialling this year and has turned out in all conditions to improve his times.  He rides on a Tuesday evening with the social road group and has gradually improved his fitness.

Richard Ward (aka Richard Brown Legs)

Richard started the season well by training for and riding the Borough of Scarborough ride which he did in grand fashion and only got off on one of the 33% hills. Since then he has been a regular rider on a Sunday morning and Tuesday evening social rides. He has also continued with hill training on a Wednesday morning which started as training for the BOS and didn’t stop! Richard is always keen to go for a ride and trains regularly to be fit enough for the club runs. This year he has even done the cycle fitness on a Monday evening.

Dave Langdale

Dave kept losing weight and getting faster throughout 2014, and he finished strongly in all of the mountain bike races that we did. He surprised a few riders who didn’t realise how fast he was, because they don’t ride with him on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s anti-social mountain bike rides.

Jeff Winder

Jeff came to the club from running and has taken to cycling like a duck to water.  He rides on Tuesdays and Sundays and when he can through the week (when he is not training for fell running). He often leads the fast group and can leave most of us standing on the hills. Jeff has booked several challenges to do this year and is always looking for something harder than the last.


Cavan Walker

Cavan had good results in time trialling, road racing on closed circuits, cyclo-cross, and mountain biking. He also challenged the adults the Strava road climbs. The only real question is how much faster he’s going to get. Probably quite a lot.

Will Palmer

Will started time trialling in 2014 with a baptism of fire: a 25-mile TT. He went on to slash minutes off his 10-mile times, and probably would have be even quicker at the end of the season if he hadn’t fallen off and broken his collar bone.


Lorraine Naylor (aka All Terrain Lorraine)

Lorraine has organised and lead the Tuesday evening social rides and Sunday rides during 2014. The rides have been varied and well researched for the best tea and coffee stops!

Paul Schofield

Paul has lead the fast riders on a Tuesday and Sunday until his unfortunate accident which left him with a broken collar bone. He coordinates the rides to make sure everyone is catered for.


Chris Cummins (Ravenscar Chris)

Chris has dedicated himself to finding ever more interesting routes and areas to visit.  During 2014 he initiated the home and away rides which proved extremely popular and helped us all see new areas. He turns out in all weather and keeps cheery and optimistic.

James Hall (Captain James)

James has been leading some fantastic rides this year although most involved walking and finding the path at some point! He has been dedicated to getting riders out on a Tuesday and encourages anyone who turns up just to ‘have a go ‘


Steve Hopper

Sheet ice? Blowing a gale? Suffering with a cold? Best bike broken? Steve doesn’t care. If he’s got one working bike and isn’t physically restrained from getting on it, he’ll be out riding. Steve also leads the vast majority of the anti-social mountain bike rides (partly because no one can keep up with him).

Iain Stewart (Scottish Iain)

Iain rides in all weathers and justs keeps going.  He is a keen and very good cyclist and just keeps on tapping out the miles,

Kathy Davies (Ninja Rider)

Kath turns out for club rides and rarely misses a Tuesday or Sunday. She is a the organiser and Stalwart of the Wednesday hill rides.

Chris Garforth (Wrench Green Chris)

Chris turns out no matter what.  He ofeten rides from Wrench Green to get to the ride meeting place and then cycles back and all this with a dodgy knee! Chris is an inspiration to any sofa slumpers !


Juan Jose Rodriquez (Spanish John)

Juan loves riding in mud, which they don’t really have in Spain. He loves it so much he sometimes gets off his bike very quickly and rolls around in it, leaving his bike lying on the ground. Best dismount was probably coming down of Troutsdale Brow – a probably commando roll into the undergrowth!

Suzanne (surname?)

Suzanne tried road shoes this year – her dismounts are too numerous to list them all, but the most eventful was at a stop at Brompton where she virtually felled the whole peloton. We miss her ‘arhhh, crash’ now she has sorted her pedals out!

John (husband of Helen)

It was nice of John to join his wife on a ride.  He went off with the fast riders and went a little too fast down Troutsdale, over a wall and through barbed wire.  His shorts, hand and pride all needed mending after the other riders hoicked him back over the wall and onto his bike !

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