Club dinner report

Now we know why Debbie & Ian ordered such a sparkly trophy! ;-)

Now we know why Debbie & Ian ordered such a sparkly trophy! 😉

Snow might be putting some of our rides on ice at the moment but it didn’t stop almost half the club turning out for our first club dinner, which took place at the Everley Hotel on 29th January. (Matt and Jackie’s big yellow Landrover was the shrewdest transport choice all the same!)

On arriving at the Everley, everyone got their complimentary drinks and had a chinwag in the bar. Then we repaired to our tables. Jackie had not only shown us where we were sitting but also listed our menu choices – a great idea, as most of us had forgotten. The food was excellent – the best cycling club fare I’ve had – and there was a lot of it too.

After that, quizmaster Hazel conducted the quiz. Every other question was a non-cycling one, so your Coronation Street knowledge was as important as knowing who invented the pneumatic tyre. That meant that the non-cycling partners at the dinner had plenty to contribute and didn’t just have to listen to us jawing about cycling all evening.

Hardly anyone was left empty-handed after the raffle and there was a good mix of cycling gear and other essentials like alcohol and chocolates.

Finally our new trophies were awarded – many thanks to Debbie & Ian Richardson, Toby Boyes and Mark & Hazel Grange for supplying these. Despite the absence of a kettle drum, Lorraine managed to summon up some table-thumping drum rolls to build the anticipation before the winners’ names were announced. Debbie won the Richardsons trophy for the most succesful rider (for her herculean 3rd place women’s solo rider at Mountain Mayhem). Rex Rixon – who couldn’t be with us that night – won the Grange trophy for the most improved rider. Mark and Hazel were worthy winners of the Boyes trophy for services to the club.

Next year we hope to add a few more trophies – not just for stuff like the fastest rider, but also for stuff like ‘Best crash’ and ‘Best backside in lycra’. If you’ve got any suggestions, send ’em to Lorraine.

Many thanks to Jackie for making our first ever dinner such a great success. It’s hard to believe the club is only a year old. Onwards and upwards!


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