Club Meetings

Richardsons CC has two types of meetings: members’ meetings, which are for everyone; and committee meetings, which is where a smaller group of us oversees the organisational stuff.

Members’ meetings take place in a pub, usually at The Forge Valley Pub at East Ayton. We’ll cover any upcoming club business, have a beer or two, have some kind of cycling-related talk or presentation, and finish with a free raffle. It’s a good opportunity to meet fellow club members and put faces to names. It’s also a good chance to chip in with ideas for the club, or to throw your hat into the ring to lead a ride or event.

Committee meetings are where a half dozen or so of us meet to try to put your (and our) ideas for the club into action. We just meet at each other’s houses. The committee are volunteers and we need your help. If you’ve got an idea, tell us. If you want to help out in some way (leading or marshalling a ride or helping to organise an event), we’ll bite your hand off. The club is not its committee: it is its members. Richardsons CC is kind of like a 100-seater tandem. The committee is steering but if we’re going to get anywhere we need everyone pedalling. So I’d urge you to contact any of the committee ahead of committee meetings if you’re interested in getting more involved in any way.

All the meetings take place on a Monday evening, usually at 7pm.

We also have an AGM each year, just before the dinner.

Here’s the Agenda of the last one (March 2017)

And here are the reports from the committee.

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