Club welfare

Club welfare

The Club Welfare Officer is Bryden Simpson email or tel 01723 513773. Essentially, if you have any concerns about club conduct, Bryden is your first point of contact.

If you want more information about what a welfare officer does, have a look here. To read the latest issue of British Cycling’s Club Welfare Newsletter, see below. At time of writing, number 10 is the most recent.

There are some older copies of the newsletter at the bottom of the page, as PDF files. Click on them to view them.

Child Welfare

The protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults is something that we religiously enforce and the policies of British Cycling. Our Child Welfare Officers (CWO) are contactable from the details on our Officials page, or in person at coaching / Go Ride sessions when available. All information divulged to them is treated in the strictest confidence.

Our CWO’s are local government and NHS employees and have full Enhanced DSB checks regularly performed.

In particular they:

•Liaise with British Cycling National Child Protection Officer (NCPO) on matters of child protection.

•Promote British Cycling’s ‘Policy and Procedures for the Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults’, including the distribution and display of leaflets and codes of conduct to members, parents and young people.

•Advise on the development of activities for young people within the club.

•Support the registration of all personnel involved in the activities for young people within the club.

•Receive, record and pass on to the NCPO any concerns relating to the welfare of young people within the club.

If you believe that anyone in the club has acted in any way inappropriately while you have attended any activity at RCC, you are encouraged to contact Bryden Simpson (01723513773) in the first instance. Your enquiry will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Club Welfare Officers play a key role in maintaining British Cycling’s high standards in relation to vulnerable groups participating in cycling; allowing piece of mind for participants, their families and cycling clubs by ensuring those working with young people and vulnerable adults are suitable to do so. Full training and support is available for these volunteers to help them be the local link in the chain that safeguards young people and vulnerable adults.

British Cycling Safeguarding and Protecting Children Policy

Other key Contacts:

Jenny Nicholson (Ethics & compliance manager)
Tel: 0161 274 2082
Out of hours tel: 0161 274 2002

In case of an emergency situation contact: Police-Telephone- 999

NSPCC- Telephone- 0808 800 5000

Childline- Telephone- 0800 1111 Compliance Team- as above


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