Commuting through winter

As bad as it sounds at my grand old age, this last 12 months is the first time in my life I have (almost) commuted to work all year long! I moved a year ago, to a place about 3 miles from work. A daily ride to work was not only a healthy option it was also the quickest.

It started well. I can ride pretty much straight onto the railway line and stay on it almost all the way, with a short road section on Dean Road. The records may say it was not a barbecue summer but I only had to wear waterproofs twice from February to the end of October.

The dark nights were okay to start with, but as we went into the New Year everyone seemed to get a grumpy and I seemed to become target practice on almost a daily basis! Ian (R) drove towards me one day and realized that Hope 4 lights may be wonderful off road but for the car driver approaching me they just confused them. A sensible, less powerful light put that right and I was target practice no more.

During the really bad ice and snow I managed to ride more than I walked and only accepted lifts (okay, begged lifts!) a few times.

Now it is only a few more days until the clocks go on. It is spring, and it all seems so much easier. I didn’t manage every day but maybe I will this coming year!



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