Fitness training

The very popular fitness training is making a return to see us through the winter.

Chris Stringer from Body Complete will be flexing his vocal cords as he shouts out encouragement/persuasion/orders in the name of getting/keeping us fit over the chilly months ahead.

Last year it proved effective at shaving pounds and ‘metabolic’ years off most of us. Great fun with a variety of exercises (planks, press ups, kettle bells, resistance bands etc) and games.

The first evening is Monday 4th November at 8pm at Hackness Village Hall for £5 and lasts an hour.

It will continue on a Monday at 8pm at Hackness until further notice, posted on the web site.

Please text Debbie (07423 438220) or Jackie (07752 420911) to book a place or find out more information. Places are limited so please make sure you book.

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