10-mile club time trial – Sunday 8th April

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    It’s the first of this year’s time trials on Sunday morning, a 10-mile event at Snainton. If you’ve never ridden one before, it’s dead easy: it’s just you riding as fast as you can against the watch. Riders set off at one minute intervals and you must obey the rules of the road. Other rules: you must be aged 12+ (unless on the back of a tandem with a parent/guardian); if you’re under 18, you must wear a helmet. Any bike is fine, as long as it’s roadworthy, isn’t electric, and isn’t a recumbent. You must be a paid-up member of Richardsons CC (or other club affiliated to Cycling Time Trials).

    This first event is a handicap one too, which is ideal for relative beginners or complete beginners, as you get a time bonus based on your predicted result. The person who beats their predicted time by the most wins on handicap, and there are points for the top five finishers. Winner at the end of the season gets a shiny trophy.

    To take part, sign on (and pay £3) before 8:45am for a 9am start. We meet a few hundred metres down the road from The Coachman in Snainton, on the Yedingham road. Scarborough Paragon are hosting this event.

    Couple of notes about this event:
    1. The off-road parking place beyond the metal gate where we meet is currently very muddy. This will limit parking spaces. So if you’re driving out, get there in plenty of time in case you need to park in Snainton itself.
    2. The winter weather has opened up some potholes on the leg between Allerston and Yedingham. These are easily avoidable – as long as you keep your head up and watch where you’re going.

    Here’s a map of the course.

    And here’s a PDF of the same.

    The TT after (Sunday 15th April) is on the Brompton course; we meet at the bottom of Sawdon Lane in Brompton. We’re hosting that. I’m timekeeping and putting the signs up for that event but need one RCC volunteer to help me at the start/finish (same place). Please let me know if you can help.

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    It was a chilly morning out at Snainton but at least there was little wind, and it wasn’t chucking it down with rain for once either. So pretty reasonable racing conditions. It’s never easy at the start of the season, however; your legs don’t know what’s hit them.

    It was great to see a couple of new Richardsons TTers – Katy’s dad Tony Cawthorn and triathlete Nathan Little – especially as a few regulars were hiding in a cafe eating cakes instead! (I’m only teasing ladies and gents.)

    Of the Richardsons riders, Katy Cawthorn and Dave Schubert were a little off their summer pace from last year, when they both did strong rides. Nathan was about where I expected, although I imagine he’ll get into the 26s or even 25s later in the season. Mark did a much better ride than he gave himself credit for, being within shouting distance of a course PB. Tony Cawthorn scored maximum points on handicap.

    The handicap results are provisional as I don’t know which club some of the riders are in; I forgot to take a photo of the sign-on sheet. I’ll update the handicaps if it turns out the ? riders are members of RCC that I didn’t know about.

    For the results on actual time, it was a close call between Pete Roebuck (SRC) and junior Harry Butterworth (SPCC) for first and second, with just five seconds between them – in Pete’s favour. Then there was a bit of a gap to me in third, not quite making it into the 23s.

    Thanks to all the Paragon volunteers for running this. It does make it easier when there’s someone on every corner.

    1. Pete Roebuck (SRC) 23:25 (25.62mph)
    2. Harry Butterworth (SPCC, J) 23:30 (25.53mph)
    3. Dan Joyce (RCC) 24:00 (25.00mph)
    4. John Galway (SRC) 24:09 (24.84mph)
    5. Martin Cockerill (BCC) 24:10 (24.83mph)
    6. Dave Leaming (SRC) 24:26 (24.56mph)
    7. Simon Ward (SPCC) 24:28 (24.52mph)
    8. Matt Pilling (BCC) 24:30 (24.49mph)
    9. Stewart Pickard (VLV) 24:52 (24.13mph)
    10. Luke Backhouse (?) 25:01 (23.98mph)
    11. Mark Williams (RCC) 25:15 (23.76mph)
    12. Kevin Allen (SPCC) 25:58 (23.11mph)
    13. Simon Walker (SRC) 26:27 (22.68mph)
    14. Olly White (?) 26:39 (22.51mph)
    15. Mike Potter (SPCC) 26:46 (22.42mph)
    16. Colin France (?) 26:50 (22.36mph)
    17. Steve Norris (SRC) 27:00 (22.22mph)
    18. Robin Stephenson (SPCC) 27:21 (21.94mph)
    19. Dave Schubert (RCC) 27:31 (21.80mph)
    20. Nathan Little (RCC) 28:17 (21.21mph)

    21. Dave Bower (RCC) 29:20 (20.45mph)
    22. Mark Asquith (?) 30:02 (19.98mph)
    23. Katy Cawthorn (RCC, W) 30:20 (19.78mph)
    24. Brian Ward (SPCC) 32:34 (18.42mph)
    25. Tony Cawthorn (RCC) 34:24 (17.44mph)

    1. Dave Bower (HC 05:00) 24:20 5pts
    2. Tony Cawthorn (HC 10:00) 24:24 4pts
    3. Mark Williams (HC 00:20) 24:55 3pts
    4. Nathan Little (HC 03:00) 25:17 2pts
    5. Dave Schubert (HC 01:47) 25:44 1pt
    6. Katy Cawthorn (HC 03:13) 27:07

    Let me know if you spot any errors.

    Next event is another 10-miler at Brompton next Sunday (15th). Sign-on by 8.45am at the latest for a 9am start. We meet at the bottom of Sawdon Lane in Brompton, opposite that tractor place. RCC are hosting this event.

    EDIT: Dave Bower is an RCC member too, so I’ve adjusted the results accordingly.

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