10-mile TT at Burton Fleming on Tues 30th May

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    Note that the sign-on for this event has changed: it’s now by 18:45 at the village hall and NOT 19:15 at the bottom of Bartindale. Got this message today from Brid CC: “Change of plan to tomorrow’s interclub as there’s stone chipping due through the village the finish may have to be adjusted to suit. Sign on village hall for 6:45 sorry for the confusion”

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    What a difference a few weeks makes. Last time we visited the Burton Fleming course it was really cold, with a stiff easterly blowing. This time it was warm and sunny, with an equally strong westerly – a much better wind direction for this course. It was a shock to get to the top of Bartindale, then turn into the wind and go barely any quicker, despite riding *downhill*. But the last leg from the Wold Newton turn was a flyer. I was doing over 30mph on the way into Burton Fleming, and several of those with gears were going even faster.

    Ozzy Stringer did well to battle through the wind and finish only six seconds behind Karl Simpson. Joe Prole knocked five seconds off his previous best time on this course. In fact, it was course PBs across the board. Katy Cawthorne got one too, as did Bobbi Phillips, who couldn’t fail to as she was riding the course for the first time. Bobbi might have been the fastest woman finisher, but her chain jammed and she had to stop, get off, and sort it. Mark Williams knocked over a minute off his best time here. (Think how much more you’ll knock off with that TT bike, Mark!) I shaved a few seconds off my best time here.

    Overall victory went to Cavan Walker again, although Paragon’s Steve Dodds closed the gap a little – perhaps making time into that punishing headwind?

    Thanks to Brid for hosting this one, and to all the timekeepers and marshals. Next event is the Mountain 17 hilly time trial through Troutsdale at 9am on Sunday morning. Sign on by 08:45 in Forge Valley.

    NOTE: I’m still looking for people to help out at the next evening event, a 10-miler at Snainton on Thursday 8 June. Please let me know if you can help.

    1. Cavan Walker (Prologue, J) 22:34 (26.59mph)
    2. Steve Dodds (SPCC) 22:48 (26.32mph)
    3. Simon Ward (SPCC) 23:42 (25.32mph)
    4. John Galway (YHT) 24:01 (24.98mph)
    5. Harry Nolan (Trainsharp) 24:09 (24.84mph)
    6. Martin Cockerill (BCC) 24:17 (24.71mph)
    7. Andy Askwith (BCC) 24:22 (24.62mph)
    8. Harry Butterworth (SPCC, J) 24:29 (24.51mph)
    9. Matt Pilling (BCC) 24:42 (24.29mph)
    10. Robert Grainger (SPCC) 25:03 (23.95mph)
    11. Dan Joyce (RCC) 25:07 (23.89mph) Course PB (3 sec)
    12. Rich Cullen (YCC) 25:12 (23.81mph)
    13. Mark Woodley (BCC) 25:14 (23.78mph)
    14. Jonathan Dyer (SPCC) 25:34 (23.47mph)
    15. Steve Ward (GS Creazzo) 25:45 (23.30mph)
    16. Mark Williams (RCC) 25:59 (23.09mph) Course PB (over a minute)
    17. Phil Warters (BCC) 27:03 (22.18mph)
    18. Barrie Cappleman (SPCC) 27:08 (22.11mph)
    19. Richard Wilson (GS Creazzo) 27:49 (21.57mph)
    20. Dawn Blues (BCC, W) 28:32 (21.03mph)
    21. Bobbi Phillips (RCC, W) 28:48 (20.83mph) Course PB
    22. Katy Cawthorne (RCC, W) 29:04 (20.64mph) Course PB
    23. Joseph Prole (RCC, J) 33:37 (17.85mph) Course PB (5 sec)

    24. Jim Gleeson (SPCC) 34:57 (17.17mph)
    25. Karl Simpson (GS Creazzo) 35:37 (16.85mph)
    26. Ozzy Stringer (RCC, J) 35:43 (16.80mph) Course PB?

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    Matt Purnell has kindly totted up all the points so far for the interclub competition. RCC is currently joint second with Brid.

    I had copied Matt’s post but the formatting didn’t work on this site. Don’t have time to fix it right now, so here’s a link instead.

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