10-mile TT at Burton Fleming – Wed 9 June

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    We’re at Burton Fleming on Wednesday evening for a 10-mile hilly TT. Sign on at Burton Fleming village hall car park no later than 7pm for a 7.15pm start. £3 to ride, all club members aged 12+ welcome. NOTE: I’m looking for one more RESERVE marshal for this event. You won’t be needed unless we get a big field of riders, so if you’re wanting to ride, you’ll likely be able to. Please let me know if you willing to be on standby for this. (We’ll only know the numbers required for marshalling at 7pm.)

    More details on the event below:

    Safety notice: some more potholes have opened up on this course over the winter. Simon Walker has mapped these (below) and notes: ‘There are 2 new pot holes to add to last years. There is 1 big one on the top left hander. You will have to go outside the hole to get around. Almost to the point you’re in the middle of the road. Not good for what is essentially a blind bend. The second is not so severe, but could quite easily catch you out-its about 500m from the finish and crosses over the left hand wheel worn line that will likely be the racing line.’ Keep your heads up, folks!


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    A cool evening after the heat we’ve had, and the earlier south westerly wind swung around to the west and was dropping as tonight’s TT got started. It made what would have been a fast night merely decent.

    Thanks to Simon Walker’s recce and subsequent warning, we were alert to some big potholes on this course that had opened up over winter. Forewarned is fore-armed and no one came to grief in them. Paragon’s Mike Potter did puncture somewhere on the top of the course. He managed to fix that puncture and get to the finish, only to suffer another just as he was crossing the line.

    There were PBs for Tony Cawthorn and grandson Ozzy Stringer, as well as for Mark Williams – resplendent in his new club skinsuit. (Tip: if you want to go faster, get a skinsuit and a pointy hat.) The overall went to Paragon junior Harry Butterworth, with Steve Dodds a close second and Scarborough Road Club’s Gary Whitton pipping Paragon’s Simon Ward for third. Well done to everyone who rode.

    Thanks especially to Paul Marr for driving me out there so I could act as timekeeper, as well as for pushing off (which I also couldn’t do) and putting out/collecting all the signs. Thanks too to Dave Myers for marshalling the blind corner at the top of Bartindale (and for getting Mike Potter back to Burton Fleming), and to Mark Williams for standing by if required. Paragon’s Brian Musson helped out at the Wold Newton turn, while Ian Butterworth kept an eye out through the village.

    Next event is a 5-mile TT this Friday evening aimed specifically at juniors and women riders. Sign on by 6.45pm at the Scarborough Rugby Club car park. Note: this is a ‘come and try it’ event, open to anyone aged 12+. You do not need to be a club member to ride this. As I say, though, it is aimed primarily at juniors and women beginners.

    1. Harry Butterworth (SPCC, J) 23:54 (25.10mph)
    2. Steve Dodds (SPCC) 24:01 (24.98mph)
    3. Gary Whitton (SRC) 25:04 (23.94mph)
    4. Simon Ward (SPCC) 25:07 (23.89mph)
    5. Matt Purnell (SPCC) 25:29 (23.54mph)
    6. Mark Williams (RCC) 25:38 (23.41mph)PB
    7. Matt Pilling (BCC) 25:39 (23.39mph)
    8. Luke Backhouse (SPCC) 25:44 (23.32mph)
    9. Rob Grainger (SPCC) 26:09 (22.94mph)
    10. Kevin Allen (SPCC) 26:20 (22.78mph)
    11. Jonathan Dyer (SPCC) 26:27 (22.68mph)
    12. Olly White (SPCC) 27:00 (22.22mph)
    13. Barrie Cappleman (SPCC) 27:33 (21.78mph)
    14. Simon Walker (SRC) 27:40 (21.69mph)
    15. Colin France (SPCC) 28:21 (21.16mph)
    16. Richard Sixsmith (SPCC) 29:17 (20.49mph)
    17, Oska Stringer (RCC, J) 30:17 (19.81mph) PB?
    18. Katy Cawthorn (RCC, W) 32:25 (18.51mph)
    19. Tony Cawthorn (RCC) 38:06 (15.75mph)

    20. Hester Butterworth (SPCC, W) 40:11 (14.93mph) PB?
    21. Mike Potter (SPCC) 40:23 (14.86mph)
    22. William Butterworth (SPCC, J) 41:10 (14.57mph)PB

    Let me know if you spot any errors.

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    Thank you to Dan and Paul (and all the other volunteers) for their time and effort last night.

    A special mention must go to NYCC who repaired the top pot hole prior to the event. Cracking response time.
    Hope EYCC step up and get their holes fixed soon!

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