10-mile TT at Snainton on Wed 27 June

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    We’re back at the Yedingham triangle at Snainton on Wednesday evening for another 10-mile TT. Sign on before 7pm for a 7.15pm start. £3 to ride. All club members welcome. This is an RCC handicap event, so there are points up for grabs for anyone who can improve their time here. It’s also an interclub event, so please arrive in plenty of time to sign on, as there may be more riders than usual.

    Here’s a reminder of the handicap points so far:

    10 Mark Williams
    8 Ozzy Stringer
    7 Katy Cawthorn
    7 Nathan Little
    5 Tony Cawthorn
    5 Dave Bower
    2 Paul Lane
    1 Paul Marr
    1 Dave Schubert

    More details below.

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    Another nice sunny evening out at Snainton for racing. An easterly breeze gave us a flying start but a brutal finish, making it a decent but not exceptional night overall.

    Of the RCC riders, Paul Lane knocked well over a minute off his previous ride on this course, earning maximum points on handicap despite Daves Schubert and Bower both getting PBs. Katy and her dad Tony picked up the rest of the handicap points. Everyone had a pretty decent ride, though – Dave Myers and Ozzy Stringer both chipped away at their own times.

    On actual time, the top three riders were all in the 22-minute bracket: Steve Dodds winning by a healthy margin over Pete Roebuck and Harry Butterworth, who were close together. Further down the field, there were only small gaps from places 8 to 11 (Simon Walker, Olly White, Chris Duck, and Colin France) and then again from 12-16 (Matt Middleton, Simon Burnley, Paul Lane, Mike Potter, and Louise Scupham). Dave Bower, meanwhile, was only a single second behind Katy Cawthorn. Every second counts, folks!

    Thanks to Yorkshire Coast Clarion for hosting this interclub event, with help from stalwarts Mick Storey, Elaine Ward, John Tillotson, and Brian Ward.

    There’s the fourth of five beginner-friendly 5-mile TTs at Scalby on Friday evening. Sign on by 6.45pm at the Rugby Club car park. The Mountain 24 TT on Sunday morning may be cancelled due to chippings – stay tuned.

    1. Paul Lane (HC 01:54) 23:38 5pts
    2. Dave Schubert (HC 02:31) 23:45 4pts
    3. Dave Bower (HC 04:20) 24:01 3pts
    4. Katy Cawthorn (HC 04:14) 24:06 2pts
    5. Tony Cawthorn (HC 09:24) 24:18 1pt
    6. Dave Myers (HC 07:38) 24:42
    7. Ozzy Stringer (HC 04:09) 24:45

    10 Mark Williams
    9 Katy Cawthorn
    8 Ozzy Stringer
    8 Dave Bower
    7 Nathan Little
    7 Paul Lane
    6 Tony Cawthorn
    5 Dave Schubert
    1 Paul Marr

    1. Steve Dodds (SPCC) 22:09 (27.09mph)
    2. Pete Roebuck (SRC) 22:45 (26.37mph)
    3. Harry Butterworth (SPCC, J) 22:55 (26.18mph)
    4. Matt Purnell (SPCC) 23:11 (25.88mph)
    5. Simon Ward (SPCC) 23:29 (25.55mph)
    6. Dan Joyce (RCC) 23:42 (25.32mph)
    7. Kevin Allen (SPCC) 23:52 (25.14mph)
    8. Simon Walker (SRC) 24:40 (24.32mph)
    9. Olly White (SPCC) 24:45 (24.24mph)
    10. Chris Duck (SPCC) 24:50 (24.16mph)
    11. Colin France (SPCC) 25:00 (24.00mph)
    12. Matt Middleton (SPCC) 25:26 (23.59mph)
    13. Simon Burnley (SPCC) 25:30 (23.53mph)
    14. Paul Lane (RCC) 25:32 (23.50mph)
    15. Mike Potter (SPCC) 25:35 (23.45mph)
    16. Louise Scupham (SPCC, W) 25:43 (23.33mph)
    17. Dave Schubert (RCC) 26:16 (22.84mph) PB
    18. Barrie Cappleman (SPCC) 26:28 (22.67mph)
    19. Jack McKinley (BCC) 27:47 (21.60mph)
    20. Katy Cawthorn (RCC, W) 28:20 (21.18mph)
    21. Dave Bower (RCC) 28:21 (21.16mph) PB?
    22. Ozzy Stringer (RCC, J) 28:54 (20.76mph) Course PB?

    23. Jim Gleeson (SPCC) 29:04 (20.64mph)
    24. Hester Butterworth (SPCC) 31:17 (19.18mph)
    25. Dave Myers (RCC) 32:20 (18.56mph)
    26. Tony Cawthorn (RCC) 33:42 (17.80mph) PB

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