10-mile TT at Snainton, Wed 6 June

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    We’re back at the Yedingham triangle at Snainton on Wednesday evening for another 10-mile TT. Sign on no later than 7pm for a 7.15pm start. £3 to ride. All club members welcome. This is an RCC handicap event, so there are points up for grabs for anyone who can improve their time here.

    More details below.

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    Decent racing conditions out at Snainton last night. It was a bit warmer than in Scarborough, albeit still cool, and there was only a light wind from the north – enough to make it a bit ‘sticky’ from Yedingham to Ebberston, but otherwise not really a hindrance. Times were accordingly good, with quite a few riders getting PBs.

    Of the RCC riders, Nathan Little smashed his PB by over three minutes, and Mark Williams got a PB by over a minute (and beat me for the first time on a flat course). The Mallorca cycling holiday certainly seems to have done its job! Ozzy Stringer also got an excellent overall PB and took one second off Katy Cawthorn, who did her fastest 10 of the season so far. Paul Marr made a welcome return to racing, and despite some months off was still on the pace. I was happy to get round without too much discomfort, although I’d obviously have been happier if I’d beaten Mark. 😉

    There were a slew of good rides in the event overall. Ones that stood out to me were those by Matt Purnell (getting a PB), Simon Walker (a course PB, I think), and Colin France, who took about a minute off his time. It was another comfortable victory for Steve Dodds, who seems to be back on form, with strong rides by Pete Roebuck and the aforementioned Matt Purnell for second and third.

    Thanks to Debbie Mutton, Trish Dunn, and Jeff Winder for wearing yellow bibs and marshalling the corners. It doesn’t just protect us from traffic, it means we can take a more relaxed line into corners, which makes us less likely to skid and come off, like I did just under 7 weeks ago. Thanks too to Chris Pearson for standing by, to Mick and Elaine for timekeeping and signing-on riders, and to John Tillotson for pushing off. With so many riders, we’d have had a late start without all this help.

    Next event is a 10-mile interlub TT on the Malton/Pickering course next Wednesday. More details on that later.

    1. Nathan Little (HC 03:17) 22:36 5pts
    2. Katy Cawthorn (HC 05:20) 23:50 4pts
    3. Ozzy Stringer (HC 05:12) 23:57 3pts
    4. Mark Williams (HC 00:15) 23:58 2pts
    5. Paul Marr (HC 04:35) 25:05 1pt

    10 Mark Williams
    8 Ozzy Stringer
    7 Katy Cawthorn
    7 Nathan Little
    5 Tony Cawthorn
    5 Dave Bower
    2 Paul Lane
    1 Paul Marr
    1 Dave Schubert

    1. Steve Dodds (SPCC) 22:24 (26.79mph)
    2. Pete Roebuck (SRC )22:59 (26.11mph)
    3. Matt Purnell (SPCC) 23:12 (25.86mph)
    4. Simon Ward (SPCC) 23:42 (25.32mph)
    5. Stewart Pickard (VLV) 23:57 (25.05mph)
    6. Mark Williams (RCC) 24:13 (24.78mph) PB
    7. Dan Joyce (RCC) 24:16 (24.73mph)

    8. Simon Walker (SRC) 24:50 (24.16mph)
    9. Chris Duck (SPCC) 25:00 (24.00mph)
    10. Olly White (SPCC) 25:13 (23.79mph)
    11. Hannah Bayes (Liv Awol) 25:21 (23.67mph)
    12. Jonathan Dyer (SPCC) 25:29 (23.54mph)
    13. Steve Norris (SRC) 25:36 (23.44mph)
    14= Luke Backhouse (SPCC) 25:37 (23.42mph)
    14= Simon Burnley (SPCC) 25:37 (23.42mph)
    16. Colin France (SPCC) 25:46 (23.29mph)
    17. Nathan Little (RCC) 25:53 (23.18mph) PB
    18. Mike Potter (SPCC) 25:55 (23.15mph)
    19. Barrie Cappleman (SPCC) 26:25 (22.71mph)
    20. Edward Burnley (SPCC, J) 27:06 (22.14mph)
    21. Richard Sixsmith (SPCC) 27:20 (21.95mph)
    22. Ozzy Stringer (RCC, J) 29:09 (20.58mph) PB
    23. Katy Cawthorn (RCC, W) 29:10 (20.57mph) 2018 PB
    24. Paul Marr (RCC) 29:40 (20.22mph) 2018 PB

    25. Jim Gleeson (SPCC) 29:54 (20.07mph)
    26. Brian Ward (SPCC) 30:37 (19.60mph)
    27. Hester Butterworth (SPCC, W) 31:40 (18.95mph)
    28. Will Butterworth (SPCC, J) 37:13 (16.12mph)

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