10 mile TT, Brompton – Sunday 15 April

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    It’s the second of this year’s time trials on Sunday morning, a 10-mile event from Brompton to Irton and back.

    If you’ve never ridden one before, it’s dead easy: it’s just you riding as fast as you can against the watch. Riders set off at one minute intervals and you must obey the rules of the road. Other rules: you must be aged 12+ (unless on the back of a tandem with a parent/guardian); if you’re under 18, you must wear a helmet. Any bike is fine, as long as it’s roadworthy, isn’t electric, and isn’t a recumbent. A flashing rear light is recommended. You must be a paid-up member of Richardsons CC (or other club affiliated to Cycling Time Trials).

    To take part, sign on (and pay £3) before 8:45am for a 9am start. We meet at the bottom of Sawdon Lane in Brompton, opposite that tractor place.

    Couple of notes about this event:
    1. Ride carefully through Ayton. There are signs up around the course but you need to be vigilant too.
    2. Morning mist is forecast for Scarborough but not Brompton, so we should be okay.

    Here’s a map of the course.

    Tricia has volunteered to help, but will be bringing her bike so if anyone else steps up on the day, she’ll ride the event.

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    A nice spring day for once for the TT from Brompton this morning. Good numbers, despite clashing with the rescheduled Diggers’ Dash and the Moors to Shore event. We saw many of the Diggers’ Dash riders – and nearly timed some of them across the finish.

    It seemed like good racing conditions standing at the roadside, so I was surprised that with a handful of exceptions the times were much the same as last week at Snainton – on a slower course in colder conditions. It’s still early season yet, mind.

    Thanks to Paragon’s Mick Storey for helping me at the start and finish. By doing so, Trisha (who had volunteered to help) was able to ride the event. Thanks also to Ozzy and Tilly for photography and number shouting, and to Rob Corney for helping spot riders too. We really needed spotters. While it was nice and quiet at 9am, by 9:45am there was a lot of traffic on the road leaving Scarborough – without several pairs of eyes, we’d have missed one or two finishers.

    Talking of traffic: the rules and regs of TTing are that all competitors must observe the rules of the road, e.g. not riding out in front of vehicles at junctions, keeping to the left of the white line, and so on. Anyone flagrantly breaking the rules of the road will be disqualified from that event. This is standard Cycling Time Trials practice.

    1. Steve Dodds (SPCC) 22:39 (26.49mph)
    2. Pete Roebuck (SRC) 22:47 (26.34mph)
    3. Dave Leaming (SRC) 23:43 (25.30mph)
    4. Paul Hickman (MW) 24:14 (24.76mph)
    5. Chris Duck (SPCC) 24:21 (24.64mph)
    6. Stewart Pickard (VLV) 24:34 (24.42mph)
    7. Fred Smith (SRC) 24:55 (24.08mph)
    8= Luke Backhouse (SPCC) 25:05 (23.92mph)
    8= Carl Martin (SRC) 25:05 (23.92mph)
    10. Mark Williams (RCC) 25:08 (23.87mph)
    11. Simon Walters (BCC) 25:35 (23.45mph)
    12. Jamie Ward (SRC) 25:38 (23.41mph)
    13. Jonathan Dyer (SPCC) 25:51 (23.21mph)
    14. Steve Norris (SRC) 26:12 (22.90mph)
    15. Simon Burnley (SPCC) 26:13 (22.89mph)
    16. Simon Walker (SRC) 26:27 (22.68mph)
    17. Colin France (SPCC) 26:39 (22.51mph)
    18. Mike Potter (SPCC) 26:57 (22.26mph)
    19. Richard Sixsmith (SPCC) 27:08 (22.11mph)
    20. Robin Stephenson (SPCC) 27:18 (21.98mph)
    21. Edward Burnley (SPCC, J) 28:29 (21.06mph)
    22. Dave Bower (RCC) 29:32 (20.32mph)
    23. Katy Cawthorn (RCC, W) 30:04 (19.96mph)
    24. Patricia Dunn (RCC, W) 30:10 (19.89mph)

    25. Brian Ward (SPCC) 31:57 (18.78mph)
    26. Jonathan Martin (SRC) 33:58 (17.66mph)
    27. Tony Cawthorn (RCC) 35:49 (16.75mph)

    Let me know if you spot any errors.

    Next event is a 25-mile TT from Irton next Sunday. Meet at the layby in Irton to sign on no later than 8:45am for a 9am start. Paragon are hosting this one. The next event after THAT is the first Hackness Hilly on Wednesday 25 April. I’ve got one volunteer for that (Paul Marr) but need three more as we’re likely to need two people at the start AND two at the finish (with a small field it’s possible for two people to do everything, but with a bigger field it isn’t as the start and finish are some distance apart). I might marshal again for this one, but even if I do, that’s still two more bodies required. Can you help?

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    Thanks to all the helpers on Sunday. A lovely morning for early season. Traffic was a hindrance though, with vehicles being respectful of Diggers Dash riders I was held up all through Ayton on the way back.
    “It seemed like good racing conditions standing at the roadside, so I was surprised that with a handful of exceptions the times were much the same as last week at Snainton – on a slower course in colder conditions”
    I had exactly the same time as Snainton the week before 26:27, with exactly the same set up. I’ve borrowed Cav’s PM for both events. Snainton Ave was 239Watts, Brompton was 247Watts Ave ( and that includes the soft pedalling all through Ayton)

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    Looks like the conditions weren’t as good as I thought. You can never really tell unless you’re riding the event.

    I think we might need to look at starting Brompton events a bit earlier on Sundays to avoid the traffic. It was fine at 9am but built up quickly.

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