10-mile TT – Snainton, Wed 2 May

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    We’re back at Snainton on Wednesday for another couple of laps around the Yedingham Triangle. Sign on before 7pm for a 7.15pm start. £3 to ride. All club members welcome. Paragon are hosting this one.

    This is a handicap event, so there are points up for grabs. I’m not sure whether I’ll make it out to Snainton, on account of having limited use of my right arm, but I’ve got handicaps calculated for everyone in RCC who has ridden that course before. (If you’ve never ridden there and you’re planning to for the first time, let me know and I’ll work out a handicap for you.)

    Here’s the course:

    The week after (Wednesday 9th May), we’re at Burton Fleming and we’re hosting it. I’ve got three people to run that: me, holding the watches (since I’ve got one good arm); Paul Marr; and Mark Williams. That’s enough to cover the start and finish, and to have someone at the top of Bartindale. But if we get more than a couple of dozen riders, I’ll need a couple more so we can have people at the start and finish simultaneously. Anyone willing to put their name forward? You’ll probably get to ride the event, but I need backup just in case.

    Week after that (Wed 16th) we’re at Malton. Given that I will probably still be unable to ride at that point, I’ve got three volunteers for that: me, Paul Marr, and Mark Williams. (Yes, us three again.) I need FOUR to run this event, as we will need people at the start and finish. It’s an interclub event and i’m expecting 30+ riders. I’ll spare you the sermon about how the club can’t exist and put on events without volunteers… but the club can’t exist and put on events without volunteers. It’s one evening.


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    Hi Dan

    Sorry I’m a bit late to the volunteer party this year. Please can you put me down for:

    16th May – Malton

    4th July – Irton

    18th July – Hackness (I’d need to firm this up in a months time to be certain)

    Lots of clashes this year with Sonia’s shifts so riding opportunities are also strictly limited. That’s my excuse anyway!



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    It looked like a windy one for last night’s TT at Snainton. Good rides by Mark Williams and Ozzy Stringer, judging by the handicap results, and on scratch by Paragon juniors Harry Butterworth and Matty Dixon. Thanks to all the Paragon volunteers for running this.

    1. Harry Butterworth (SPCC, J) 23:22 (25.68mph)
    2. Matty Dixon (SPCC, J) 24:34 (24.42mph)
    3. Simon Ward (SPCC) 24:37 (24.37mph)
    4. Stewart Pickard (VLV) 24:42 (24.29mph)
    5. Kevin Allen (SPCC) 25:00 (24.00mph)
    6. Matt Purnell (SPCC) 25:20 (23.68mph)
    7= Mark Williams (RCC) 25:22 (23.65mph)
    7= Luke Backhouse (SPCC) 25:22 (23.65mph)
    9. Paul Lane (RCC) 26:54 (22.30mph)
    10. Barrie Cappleman (SPCC) 27:13 (22.05mph)
    11. Colin France (SPCC) 27:22 (21.92mph)
    12. Mike Potter (SPCC) 27:48 (21.58mph)
    13. Ollie White (SPCC) 27:54 (21.51mph)
    14. Richard Sixsmith (SPCC) 28:24 (21.13mph)
    15. Ben Watkinson (RCC) 29:06 (20.62mph)
    16. Ozzy Stringer (RCC, J) 30:12 (19.87mph)
    17. Katy Cawthorn (RCC, W) 31:04 (19.31mph)

    18. Brian Ward (SPCC) 33:16 (18.04mph)
    19. Tony Cawthorn (RCC) 37:17 (16.09mph)

    1= Mark Williams (HC 00:15) 25:07 5pts
    1= Ozzy Stringer (HC 05:05) 25:07 5pts
    3. Katy Cawthorn (HC 05:20) 25:44 3pts
    4. Paul Lane (HC 00:12) 26:42 2pts
    5. Tony Cawthorn (HC 09:24) 27:53 1pt
    6. Ben Watkinson (HC 01:06 28:00

    8 Mark Williams
    5 Ozzy Stringer
    5 Tony Cawthorn
    5 Dave Bower
    3 Katy Cawthorn
    2 Paul Lane
    2 Nathan Little
    1 Dave Schubert

    Next event is a 10-mile TT on the Burton Fleming course next Wednesday, and RCC are running it. I’m looking for one extra reserve marshal for this (i.e. you will likely get to ride). If we get under two dozen riders, we can manage with the volunteers we have. If we get more, we need extra bodies at the finish.

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