15-mile TT on Thursday 10th

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    It’s the penultimate handicap TT on Thursday: a 15-mile event around the Yedingham triangle. Sign on at the earlier time of 6.45pm for a 7pm start. Realistically, the handicap comp. can only be won by Ozzy Stringer, Megan Simpson or Katy Cawthorn, although mathematically it’s possible for Simon Walker, Edward Hopper, and Ben Watkinson to win. (Any of those three would have to win *both* remaining events by huge margins *and* the three HC leaders would have to come nowhere.)

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    It was warm and sunny out at Snainton for the 15-mile TT, but with only a light west or south-westerly breeze it was quite ‘sticky’ – not really fast anywhere.

    Best ride from the RCC contingent was by Patricia Dunn, doing only her second event. I reckoned she could average 20mph and based her handicap time on that, but she was closer to 21mph and pipped regular TTer Katy Cawthorn by 2 seconds. Result.

    Ozzy was a little down on his previous pace after a week of surfing and came fifth on handicap. Megan, meanwhile, was on pace, riding almost exactly the speed she did her last 10-mile TT; that was enough for second place on handicap.

    Jeff Francis, making a welcome return, wasn’t far off his normal 10-mile pace either, despite doing very few TTs this year. He was third on handicap. Katy was fourth on handicap, with Ozzy (as mentioned) fifth.

    With one handicap event remaining, Megan has leapfrogged Ozzy to take the lead by a point. Only Megan or Ozzy can win now, and the one who doesn’t win will be runner up.

    Some maths: the maximum possible points anyone can earn is complicated by the fact that only the best five events for each rider count. That’s why Megan’s maximum possible point total is higher – she’s only done four events. If Ozzy (and Katy) ride six, their lowest scoring ride won’t count. That’s why Katy can’t overtake Ozzy or Megan. (She could theoretically draw with Ozzy, but in the event of a tie it goes down to the best handicap time achieved over the season, and Ozzy would beat Katy unless Katy knocked minutes off her time.)

    On actual time, Paragon junior Harry Butterworth was first, beating SRC’s John Galway (who’s more than four times his age), with another Paragon junior, Matt Dixon, in the third. Well done to everyone else who rode.

    Thanks to Paragon for hosting this one, in particularly Elaine Ward, John Tillotson, Mick Storey, and Brian Musson.

    The next event – which is the final and deciding RCC handicap event – is a 10-mile TT at Snainton next Thursday. I NEED VOLUNTEERS FOR THIS ONE. Please let me know if you can help. It’s the last TT this year that RCC are hosting, so it’s the last time I’ll ask for help in 2017.

    1. Patricia Dunn (HC 07:30) 35:55 5pts
    2. Megan Simpson (HC 09:45) 37:36 4pts
    3. Jeff Francis (HC 01:30) 37:51 3pts
    4. Katy Cawthorn (HC 04:17) 39:10 2pts
    5. Ozzy Stringer (HC 12:20) 39:26 1pt

    18 Megan Simpson (5+5+4+4. Max possible: 23)
    17 Ozzy Stringer (3+5+4+4+1. Max possible: 21)
    14 Katy Cawthorn (2+2+5+3+2. Max possible: 17)
    8 Simon Walker
    6 Ben Watkinson
    6 Edward Hopper
    5 Patricia Dunn
    4 Donna Gibson
    3 Mark Williams
    3 Jeff Francis
    2 Doug Stanway
    1 Jeff Winder

    1. Harry Butterworth (SPCC, J) 34:51 (25.82mph)
    2. John Galway (YHT SRC) 35:14 (25.54mph)
    3. Matty Dixon (SPCC, J) 35:17 (25.51mph)
    4. Stewart Pickard (VLV) 35:36 (25.28mph)
    5. Kevin Allen (SPCC) 36:32 (24.64mph)
    6. Chris Brown (SPCC) 37:27 (24.03mph)
    7. Mike Potter (SPCC) 38:06 (23.62mph)
    8. Barrie Cappleman (SPCC) 38:38 (23.30mph)
    9. Robin Stephenson (SPCC) 38:45 (23.23mph)
    10. Simon Burnley (SPCC) 39:00 (23.08mph)
    11. Dan Joyce (RCC) 39:15 (22.93mph)
    12. Jeff Francis (RCC) 39:21 (22.87mph)
    13. Chris Goode (YCC) 39:45 (22.64mph)
    14. Edward Burnley (SPCC, J) 42:10 (21.34mph)
    15. Jimmy Morrison (SPCC) 43:09 (20.86mph)
    16. Patricia Dunn (RCC, W) 43:25 (20.73mph)
    17. Katy Cawthorn (RCC, W) 43:27 (20.71mph)
    18. Megan Simpson (RCC/Nutcracker, WJ) 47:21 (19.01mph)
    19. Ozzy Stringer (RCC, J) 51:46 (17.39mph)

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