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    Is there any hunger for a Strava hill climbs comp this autumn/winter? We’ve done it for the past several years, but the last one didn’t have that many riders doing all five climbs. If there’s interest, we’ll run it; if not, not.

    One problem, perhaps, is that the off-road climbs are difficult to contest from November onwards. A possible solution would be to change the format a bit, and have one off-road climb and one road climb each month, then sum the results at the end. That way, everybody would have to ride a given climb in, say, December. Potentially, we could have monthly contents in September, October, November, December, and January, which would give us the five rides (for both disciplines) that we normally have. We could even try to skew the running order so that any muddy off-road climbs appear in September or October.

    Another ‘problem’ is the competition will largely be contested by 10st whippets, like Steve Hopper and me. I’m not sure how to get around that: that’s hillclimbing. I suppose we could have a special Clydesdale class?

    Let me know what you think.

    Profile photo of Chris Harper Chris Harper 

    I’ll have go at it if you run it. I guess the monthly idea would work and be fairest, the old format meant someone could get all the climbs done in September with decent ish ground conditions where others had to struggle with muddy/ slippy conditions later on. As for the 10st whippets we could always strap weights to your bikes ?.

    Profile photo of Jeff Winder Jeff Winder 

    Hi Dan – I am up for the Hill Climb Comp – if you think it would encourage people to give it a go why not handicap it – or have teams of say three where all individual times count. Linking the teams into a monthly challenge might also bring some interest. With bonus point when you increase the teams overall time by 10%.

    Just an idea Jeff

    Profile photo of All Terrain Lorraine All Terrain Lorraine 

    We’ve got to do it I’ve been researching hills with the dogs all year !!

    The monthly idea is good but perhaps have two to go at. Or three that are graded. Don’t know how you’d score them but I’m thinking to try and encourage more people to just have a go.

    Profile photo of Jeff Winder Jeff Winder 

    Hi to handicap can you not set say 2 pilot hills and trust people to set a time – then have a handicap within set up based on this – or just handicap after the first month based on results. I’m a believe in team efforts this will encourage teams to go out in a team and you usually put more effort in to help your team.


    Profile photo of Dan Joyce Dan Joyce 

    Okay, if we’re going to run this we need some hills to compete on. I suggest 5 road and 5 off-road as per previous years. Let’s have your suggestions. Then we’ll vote on them. Just post them here, with a Strava link if possible.

    After that, I’ll sort out the competition rules.

    Some thoughts:

    Handicapping – not as easy to do as it sounds. On the Yedingham triangle, the same route gets ridden again and again, so your own course PB determines your handicap. That’s why results are often quite tight. With different hills, there would be a lot of guesswork. Not impossible, just worth noting in passing. However, a handicap competition of some kind would open it all up to more riders. If everyone accepts this is going to be a bit hand-wavy, it’s do-able.

    Teams – in the past, we haven’t had enough riders doing all the climbs to make teams viable. Maybe one for the back burner, to bring in if we get numbers up this year?

    Profile photo of Jeff Winder Jeff Winder 

    Hi Dan – I was wondering about a cluster of hills so you could have a circuit . e.g. Hay Brow – Windings – Reasty – suffield – Surgate – maybe cumboots from the bottom.

    Im sure others will have a view – don’t know any off road climbs – so that will be interesting for me .

    thanks Jeff

    Profile photo of Jeff Winder Jeff Winder 

    Hi Dan – just a point on teams – the idea being people will enter as a team encouraged by others – knowing they have company – rather than entering individually and putting it on the line, the object being to hopefully encourage more people to take part.

    maybe offer up the team idea and if too few enter then revert to individual only Jeff. I’ll ask round at the club tonight,


    Profile photo of Anthony merron Anthony merron 


    Any updates on the hills this year? Looking forward to the competition, so long as we don’t have to race up that Ravenscar climb!

    Profile photo of All Terrain Lorraine All Terrain Lorraine 

    OK here are some suggestions:

    Off Road:

    a)Upchuck-er (strava name) Raincliffe woods, from Wood cutter carpark to top. Nice rooty but doable climb.
    b)Seavegate (Raincliffe) – from the bottom to the top of the valley then turn left and go all the way to the top of the bridleway. currently two strava segments (seavegate to moor lane and whin covert climb)
    c)Bridleway from the mere Raincliffe that goes by the farm – tricky !
    d)Cross cliffe climb – Dalby. From the gate to the view point (think we may of had this before)
    e) Dalby – riverbed climb (Strava name) – a real challenge !
    f) Dark arches – off valley road.

    a)Moor lane to GCHQ
    b)Irton Moor Lane
    c)Casle Bank climb (can be road or MB)
    d) Ascending to paradise on Strava – from Newcaslte Packet to top via cobbles.
    e) Simon Howe – Foxholes to top.

    Something to discuss anyway !!

    Profile photo of Dan Joyce Dan Joyce 

    I’ve been waiting to see we got any suggestions for climbs, by way of gauging interest in the competition. Looks like we do have some interest. So here’s a few suggestions from me:


    Back up to the Wykeham Nurseries –

    RCC Just Enough Grip Climb –

    Hawthorn Wood Climb –


    Olivers Mt Climb –

    Housedale Hustle (official segment) –

    Keld Runnels Rd Climb –
    This is Hay Brow, which we’ve not raced on since the first HC year

    If you have any you’d like to add, please post BY 6pm SUNDAY 9 OCTOBER.

    I’ll then put the climbs on a Surveymonkey page for us to vote on, next week. Then we’ll start competing from Saturday 15 October.

    Profile photo of Chris Harper Chris Harper 

    Sorry don’t know how to add Strava links but,
    Off road.
    Holbeck climb.
    Richardsons troutsdale view point.
    On road.
    Racecourse hill.
    Reasty climb.
    Bickley gate climb.

    Profile photo of Simon Walker Simon Walker 

    I think a monthly Hill is a good idea…means riders don’t have to commit to all 5….
    heres some suggestions
    Hunmanby Hump
    Ganton Hill
    Wold Newton Clinb
    A Second Vote for Olivers Mount Climb

    Off Road Ones to Follow

    Profile photo of Anthony merron Anthony merron 
    Profile photo of Anthony merron Anthony merron 

    I thought 5 of each was a good amount though I do like the idea of doing one road and one off road each month

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