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    Dark skies all around us, especially over Scarborough way, but out at Snainton those who elected to ride the TT largely missed it. A few spits and spots. The wind was all over the place, dropping before the TT, then picking up fiercely towards the end. It made for some cracking times, with PBs all over the place.

    I’m off to watch the election coverage, so let me just say thanks to: Paul Marr, Dave Myers, and Doug Stanway for volunteering in advance, without which we might not have been able to put the event on; Kev Allen and Brian Musson for volunteering to marshal extra corners on the night; and John Tillotson and Mick Storey for being ready with umbrellas for the timekeepers.

    Let me know if you spot any errors.

    Next event is next WEDNESDAY, as it’s an interclub event run by Malton Wheelers on the Malton/Pickering course.

    1. Cavan Walker (Prologue) 21:32 (27.86mph)
    2. Steve Dodds (SPCC) 21:38 (27.73mph)
    3. Bob Hewitt (Adept) 21:45 (27.59mph)
    4. Harry Butterworth (SPCC, J) 22:31 (26.65mph)
    5. Mel Blackford (BCC) 22:43 (26.41mph)
    6. Pete Roebuck (YHT) 23:28 (25.57mph)
    7. Richard Cullen (YCC) 24:10 (24.83mph)
    8. Rob Corney (SPCC) 24:18 (24.69mph)
    9. Matthew Dixon (SPCC, J) 24:39 (24.34mph)
    10. Paul Lane (RCC) 24:42 (24.29mph) Course PB
    11. Chris Brown (SPCC) 24:49 (24.18mph)
    12. Mark Williams (RCC) 24:50 (24.16mph) Course PB
    13. Simon Burnley (Ind) 25:02 (23.97mph)
    14. Jonathan Dyer (SPCC) 25:06 (23.90mph)
    15. Ben Watkinson (RCC) 25:46 (23.29mph) PB
    16. Mike Potter (SPCC) 25:53 (23.18mph)
    17, Barrie Cappleman (SPCC) 26:21 (22.77mph)
    18. Dave Schubert (RCC) 27:42 (21.66mph)
    19. Katy Cawthorn (RCC, W) 28:09 (21.31mph) PB
    20. Callum Ramsay (SPCC) 28:42 (20.91mph)
    21. Edward Hopper (RCC, J) 29:29 (20.35mph) PB
    22. Edward Burnley (Ind, J) 30:16 (19.82mph)
    23. Ozzy Stringer (RCC, J) 34:35 (17.35mph) PB

    1. Katy Cawthorn (HC 05:08) 23:01 5pts
    2. Ozzy Stringer (HC 11:33) 23:02 4pts
    3. Edward Hopper (HC 06:00) 23:29 3pts
    4. Ben Watkinson (HC 02:04) 23:42 2pts
    5. Mark Williams (HC 00:55) 23:55 1pt

    6. Paul Lane (HC 00:00) 24:42
    7. Dave Schubert (HC 01:15) 26:27

    9 Megan Simpson
    8 Ozzy Stringer
    8 Katy Cawthorn
    8 Simon Walker
    4 Ben Watkinson
    3 Edward Hopper
    2 Doug Stanway
    2 Mark Williams

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