TT#21 results – Malton/Pickering 27 July

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    It was a warm, breezy evening on the Malton/Pickering course, with a southerly wind that dropped away, making it hard out to the turn but offering little help coming back. Times were accordingly a bit down. (My time was way down, but that’s because I was riding a mountain bike with slicks.) The bigger you are the better in these conditions, because you get blown about by the wind less.

    Ozzy Stringer beat his last time on this course, when it was a cold day in May. Katy Cawthorn has gone quicker here, I think, but was on the pace for the evening. I was about 2 minutes down on where I’d expect to be. Paul Griffiths made a welcome return to racing, and even brought cheerleaders. Paul Lane was the fastest RCC rider, despite still getting over a cold.

    Clear winner overall was the evergreen John Galway, while Jamie Ward and Rich Cullen were only a second apart in second and third.

    Thanks to Elaine Ward and John Tillotson for timekeeping and setting us off, and to Mick Storey for marshalling the turn.

    Next event is a 25-mile TT on Thursday. Meet in the lay-by at Irton to sign on before 6.45pm. I’m still looking for ONE MORE VOLUNTEER for this event, as a I need someone to marshal the turn back onto the main road in Snainton. Please let me know if you can help.

    1. John Galway (YHT SRC) 23:10 (25.90mph)
    2. Jamie Ward (YHT SRC) 24:08 (24.86mph)
    3. Rich Cullen (YCC) 24:09 (24.84mph)
    4. Rob Grainger (SPCC) 24:30 (24.49mph)
    5. Paul Warters (BCC) 24:51 (24.14mph)
    6. Chris Brown (SPCC) 24:53 (24.11mph)
    7. Paul Lane (RCC) 25:02 (23.97mph)
    8. Jon Dyer (SPCC) 25:23 (23.64mph)
    9. Paul Griffiths (RCC) 25:27 (23.58mph)
    10. Dave Kirton (Cleveland Wh) 25:38 (23.41mph)
    11. Robin Stephenson (SPCC) 25:47 (23.27mph)
    12. Barrie Cappleman (SPCC) 26:00 (23.08mph)
    13. Dan Joyce (RCC) 26:05 (23.00mph)
    14. Katy Cawthorn (RCC, W) 28:26 (21.10mph)

    15. Jim Gleeson (SPCC) 30:24 (19.74mph)
    16. Ozzy Stringer (RCC, J) 36:19 (16.52mph)

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