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    It was overcast when we were setting up the TT tonight, making a rear light almost mandatory, but the sun came out before the start and it was a hot night with little wind.

    Times were pretty good, none better (in relative terms) than Ozzy Stringer’s. He knocked almost FOUR MINUTES off his PB! Four minutes! It was an astonishing result, with Ozzy leaving absolutely everything on the road and needing an immediate lie down after the finish. It was easily enough for maximum points on handicap on the night.

    However, Megan also did a great ride, knocking over a minute off *her* PB. The four points she earned from second place put her one point ahead of Ozzy overall, when their best five handicap events were totted up. Both Ozzy and Megan made huge strides over the season, but whereas Ozzy finished with a stunning final ride, Megan was consistently strong, never finishing below second place in any handicap event she competed in.

    Well done to both Megan and Ozzy. I hope Bryden and Katy will reserve a bit of mantlepiece space for next March when Megan and Ozzy will pick up their Winner and Runner Up trophies!

    Katy Cawthorn also got a PB tonight, or at least a course PB, and picked up third place on handicap on the night and third place overall.

    Ben Watkinson, who was expecting to marshal rather than ride and who didn’t have tri-bars on his bike, nevertheless hoovered up the last of the handicap points. Dave Myers would have got one, but bailed out after the first lap of the Yedingham triangle and was a DNF.

    Dave wasn’t alone. Paragon’s Rob Grainger was another DNF, while Paragon’s Jon Dyer didn’t make the start line after tearing the valve off his tyre as he was pumping it up beforehand. Bad luck, chaps.

    On actual time, Steve Dodds was the clear winner with 22:30, second place Matty Dixon was just over a minute back with 23:35, and I was third a further 25 seconds back with 24:00, just pipping Kevin Allen. Well done to everyone else who rode.

    Thanks to everyone who helped tonight: Paul Lane and Donna Gibson for starting us off and timing us in; Bryden Simpson, Mark Williams, and Brian Musson for marshalling junctions; Ben Watkinson for volunteering (but he got a ride anyway); and Kevin Allen for sweeping the grit from the corners before the start.

    While the handicap competition is over for 2017, the other competitions (Junior Champion, Women’s Champion, and Overall Champion) are still ongoing. They’re based on your average speed from your five fastest events from our calendar. One of these events must be a hilly TT and (for the Overall only) one must be a 25. The remaining events that count are:
    – 5 mile TT at Dunslow near Morrison’s next Thursday
    – Paragon’s 10-mile Open TT at Burton Fleming on 26 August (note: you have to enter this one in advance, not on the day. It counts as a hilly TT for our competitions.)
    – 10-mile TT at Snainton on 3 September (IF you ride it as a solo, rather than as a 2-up with another rider.)

    I suppose the hill climb up the Hackness Windings on 24 September also counts, but as it’s ONLY uphill your average speed won’t be anywhere near what you’d do in a normal TT.

    Next event, and the final evening TT of 2017, is a 5-mile event at Dunslow near Morrison’s next Thursday.

    1. Ozzy Stringer (HC 08:13) 21:17 5pts
    2. Megan Simpson (HC 06:30) 23:55 4pts
    3. Katy Cawthorn (HC 02:51) 24:49 3pts
    4. Ben Watkinson (HC 00:35) 25:52 2pts

    22 Megan Simpson (best five results: 5+5+4+4+4) WINNER
    21 Ozzy Stringer (best five results: 3+5+4+4+5) RUNNER-UP
    15 Katy Cawthorn (best five results: 2+2+5+3+3)
    8 Simon Walker
    8 Ben Watkinson
    6 Edward Hopper
    5 Patricia Dunn
    4 Donna Gibson
    3 Mark Williams
    3 Jeff Francis
    2 Doug Stanway
    1 Jeff Winder

    1. Steve Dodds (SPCC) 22:30 (26.67mph)
    2. Matthew Dixon (SPCC, J) 23:35 (25.44mph)
    3. Dan Joyce (RCC) 24:00 (25.00mph)
    4. Kevin Allen (SPCC) 24:02 (24.97mph)
    5. Rich Cullen (YCC) 24:42 (24.29mph)
    6. Chris Brown (SPCC) 24:57 (24.05mph)
    7. Barrie Cappleman (SPCC) 25:30 (23.53mph)
    8. Simon Burnley (SPCC) 25:45 (23.30mph)
    9. Ben Watkinson (RCC) 26:27 (22.68mph)
    10. Edward Burnley (SPCC, J) 27:29 (21.83mph)
    11. Katy Cawthorn (RCC, W) 27:40 (21.69mph) Course PB
    12. Jimmy Morrison (SPCC) 28:26 (21.10mph)
    13. Brian Ward (SPCC) 29:27 (20.37mph)
    14. Ozzy Stringer (RCC, J) 29:30 (20.34mph) PB
    15. Megan Simpson (RCC/Nutcracker, WJ) 30:25 (19.73mph) PB

    DNF Dave Myers (RCC)
    DNF Rob Grainger (SPCC)
    DNS Jonathan Dyer (SPCC)

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