Glentress trip – May 2010


Debbie reports back on the club trip to Glentress…

It just didn’t seem right: the road group went abroad to sunny Majorca. We left England too – but only as far as Scotland. The forecase was for rain and cold over most of the UK, especially Wales where the other  club mountain bikers headed – Ian Squires, Anvil Nick, and Richard Waller. They had fun, brilliant trails and lots of banter in Ian’s campervan, ‘Malcolm’, on its last trip out. The rain only added to the jokes.

In Scotland however the sun shone and our usual self catering place near Glentress was as wonderful as ever. Hackness Mike and Tom Stockill did the red run as soon as they arrived. Tom loved it so much, they decided to ride it again. And Mike managed to stay on the bike red run and not divert onto the ‘red squirrel walking route’.

Sunday saw us all out: Tom (S), Tom (M) (also known as Too Tall Tom), Jackie, Mike, Brendan and me. We rode the black run at Glentress. Brilliant sunshine, fun technical trails and just to remind us we were in Scotland, deep snow at the top!

To round off the day we did the red. Spooky Wood takes some beating. Tom S and Mike headed home after fueling up in The Hub.

On Monday, Jackie, Too Tall Tom and me rode over the hills from Broadmeadows to the top of Innerleithin downhill. Poor TT Tom ripped a hole in his tyre, but gaffer tape and tie wraps saved the day. Then just because it’s so good, we rode to Glentress and did the red run again. This then meant a ride back. Jackie was given a choice of off-road or on road; she thought a lift in a car should have been an option. But she chose off-road and we rode a wonderful route over the hills back to Broadmeadows. Even better, Clair had made tea!

The last full day we split into three groups. Clair finally got a chance to ride and to Brendan’s relief that meant the credit card got a rest.

TT Tom and I did a road (!) ride, with a little off-road, exploring the wonderful quiet lanes. Maybe a joint road/mountain bike trip next time?

Jackie showed Matt the new routes we had found over the moors. He like the downhills.

No accidents, a few mechanicals, but overall a brilliant trip.


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