Hope Race Series 2 – RCC 2nd!

Result! Richardsons CC rider Richard Simms came second in the Hope XC Race Series 2 at Lee Quarry in Lancashire on 27th September, riding in the Have A Go Hero category. This was the second of three autumn events and Rich took part with the rest of the Pickering 3, plus Tom Stockill. He takes up the tale:

‘It was a 6.30am start for the Pickering 3 heading over to Lee Quarry on a misty September morning. We arrived at the quarry not really knowing what to expect as I had only done one race before (and we arrived a little bit late!). So we quickly set up the bikes and headed over to register, fully equipped and ready to race in the club kit!  Had a brief chat to Tom, but no time for a practice lap, it was race time!

‘So off we went and the first challenge was heading up a firetrack into the quarry, not the best way to start. In the quarry it had everything, nice singletrack, hard pack, a few whoopie whoops, lol! Good conditions, a few hills, but good racing ground.

‘Three laps in, the sweat beginning to pour, we realised what we’d let ourselves in for so it was nice to hear the bell signalling our last lap. Stu had to retire early due to a flat tyre AGAIN! He was gutted. Dave was pressing on somewhere close by. I pulled up alongside a fellow racer and had a quick chat before leaving him eating my dust as I sped off towards the finish line.

‘Once it was all over and the three of us were catching our breath, we stood waiting for the presentation ceremony. I watched as the guy I had overtaken receiving  third place trophy. It dawned on me that meant I had come second. They called out my number and name to receive the second place trophy!

‘Once I had calmed down slightly Dave checked the race times only to find that had I pedalled that little bit faster I would have beaten the winner who was only 7 seconds ahead of me.

‘To celebrate my win we stopped at KFC to refuel. Anybody considering racing I would highly recommend it. I just wished I’d started 20 years ago I could be in the elite group by now!’

The next event in this series is on Sunday 18th October, and there’s still just time to enter. Go to www.brownbacks.co.uk for more information. It only costs a tenner to race, or £14 if you enter on the day. (NB. If the race is full, you won’t get to ride if you try to enter on the day, so it’s better to register in advance.)

Rich even sent a pic of his shiny trophy. Check it out.


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