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    To echo Bryden’s post: here’s a reminder about the XC we’re running next Thursday, 28th June – a short cross-country race around the grounds of Hunmanby Hall Golf and Leisure ( Sign on 18.15 for 18.45 start. It’s more like a cyclocross race in that it’s as many laps (of 1.2 miles) as you can do in half an hour or so, but the all-rollable course (no jumps) is slightly quicker on a mountain bike. You’ll get round it on any bike, however. Well, maybe not a TT bike…

    We get a wide range of abilities, from a handful of XC racers at the sharp end through to casual riders on fat bikes and 12 year olds on trail bikes at the other. You don’t need a racing licence. It’s £6 for adults if you enter in advance (at, more if you enter with cash on the night. (Note that you don’t need to be a member of BC to enter the event online, but you do need to register with the site.) There’s tea and cakes available for a small charge after the event when the prize-giving takes place. It’s suitable for riders aged 11 and up.

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    It was a breezy day yesterday but the wind dropped away for the evening 25-mile TT from Irton. What little there was was in the NE, making it easier out and harder back – especially up the drag from Snainton to Brompton. It was a bit cool but otherwise a good night, and there were some quick times, with four riders going under the hour and every RCC rider getting a PB. I didn’t fall off this time, which was a bonus.

    Thanks to Mick Storey, Elaine Ward, and John Tillotson for timekeeping and pushing off, and to Brian Musson and Mark Williams (out of action with a cold) for marshalling.

    1. Steve Dodds (SPCC) 56:12 (26.69mph)
    2. Ben Harmer (Wold Top) 56:21 (26.62mph)
    3. Pete Roebuck (SRC) 58:33 (25.62mph)
    4. Matt Purnell (SPCC) 58:44 (25.54mph)
    5. Gary Whitton (SRC) 1:00:22 (24.85mph)
    6. Dan Joyce (RCC) 1:00:45 (24.69mph) PB
    7. Kevin Allen (SPCC) 1:01:48 (24.27mph)
    8. Chris Duck (SPCC) 1:03:10 (23.75mph)
    9. Paul Warters (YCW) 1:03:24 (23.66mph)
    10. Jon Dyer (SPCC) 1:03:45 (23.53mph)
    11. Olly White (SPCC) 1:04:26 (23.28mph)
    12. Richard Sixsmith (SPCC) 1:05:12 (23.01mph)
    13. Mike Potter (SPCC)1:05:36 (22.87mph)
    14. Matt Middleton (SPCC) 1:07:15 (22.30mph) PB
    15. Dave Bower (RCC) 1:11:54 (20.86mph) PB
    16. Katy Cawthorn (RCC, W) 1:13:27 (20.42mph) PB
    17. Ozzy Stringer (RCC, J) 1:17:17 (19.41mph) PB

    The next event is a 4-mile hill climb from the Downe Arms in Wykeham up to the viewpoint at 9am on Sunday morning. Sign on by 8.45am at the latest. Next Wednesday we’re back at the Yedingham triangle for another 10-mile TT. It’s an interclub event and also an RCC handicap event.

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    Breezy but not too chilly for the third of the 5-mile TTs at Scalby. In the junior points competition, I believe Ed Burnley is now in first place, with brother Elliot Burnley second, and Andrew Prole third.

    Only one rider in the women beginners’ handicap, so Helen Prole earns the maximum 5pts. With two events left, this competition can only realistically be won by Helen or by Hester Butterworth. But those two events are still a good opportunity to dip your toe into TTing if you’ve never tried before.

    Thanks to everyone who helped put on the event, particularly Chris Goode, Elaine Ward and Mick Storey.

    1. Hannah Bayes (Liv Giant, W) 12:42 (23.62mph)
    2. Matt Middleton (club?) 13:44 (21.84mph)
    3. Louise Scupham (club?) 14:10 (21.18mph)
    4. Ed Burnley (SPCC, J) 14:20 (20.93mph)
    5. Adam Scott (club?) 15:35 (19.25mph)
    6. Elliot Burnley (SPCC, J) 17:14 (17.41mph)
    7. Helen Prole (RCC, W) 18:01 (16.65mph)
    8. Andrew Prole (RCC, J) 18:28 (16.25mph)

    9. Will Butterworth (SPCC, J) 23:05 (13.00mph)

    1. Helen Prole (HC 05:01) 13:00 5pts

    14 Helen Prole
    5 Hester Butterworth
    4 Katy Cawthorn

    The next 5-mile TT is on Friday 29 June. The next club TT before that is a 25-mile event from Irton next Wednesday.

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    Finally: a nice warm night with very little wind. The Malton course had been roughly surface-dressed with chippings for about a mile, and it was rough enough to see your speed ticking down while you were on it, but otherwise the conditions were great. It was slightly quicker back from the turn.

    There were PBs all over the place. I’ve listed only those that I know about, from RCC riders. Tony Cawthorn knocked four seconds off his best time, which was at Snainton. Dave Bower knocked over a minute off his PB. Katy Cawthorn got a 2018 PB, and I think it wasn’t far off an overall PB. But despite riding out from Scarborough, Trish Dunn beat her by 24 seconds, getting a massive PB – something like 2 minutes off her previous best. Mark Williams, who has stepped up his game this season, got into the 23s for the first time. I knocked a handful of seconds off my previous best on this course. (Edit: Although I’ve just found that I’ve done 23:26 on the old version of this course, so not really a PB for me.)

    At the sharp end of the race, the fast guys were doing over 26mph, with Steve Dodds (1st) and Ben Harmer (2nd) doing over 27mph. There were some close results all the way down the field. Bad luck to Kev Allen, who punctured.

    Thanks to Malton Wheelers for putting this event on and for the coffee and cakes afterwards. And thanks also to Mick and Elaine for assisting.

    1. Steve Dodds (SPCC) 21:41 (27.67mph)
    2. Ben Harmer (Wold Top) 22:07 (27.13mph)
    3. Shane Johnson (MW) 22:38 (26.51mph)
    4. Gary Whitton (SRC) 22:47 (26.34mph)
    5. Matt Purnell (SPCC) 22:52 (26.24mph)
    6. Simon Ward (SPCC) 23:10 (25.90mph)
    7. Paul Hickman (MW) 23:26 (25.60mph)
    8. Dan Joyce (RCC) 23:33 (25.48mph) Course PB
    9. Mark Williams (RCC) 23:53 (25.12mph) PB

    10. Luke Backhouse (SPCC) 24:10 (24.83mph)
    11. Dave Leaming (SRC) 24:19 (24.67mph)
    12. Olly White (SPCC) 24:32 (24.46mph)
    13= Simon Walker (SRC) 24:36 (24.39mph)
    13= Paul Warters (YCW) 24:36 (24.39mph)
    15. Rob Corney (SPCC) 24:42 (24.29mph
    16. Steve Norris (SRC) 25:14 (23.78mph)
    17. Colin France (SPCC) 25:29 (23.54mph)
    18. Mike Potter (SPCC) 25:31 (23.51mph)
    19. Barrie Cappleman (SPCC) 26:18 (22.81mph)
    20. Richard Sixsmith (SPCC) 26:52 (22.33mph)
    21. Trish Dunn (RCC, W) 27:27 (21.86) PB
    22. Katy Cawthorn (RCC, W) 27:51 (21.54mph) 2018 PB
    23. Dave Bower (RCC) 28:01 (21.42mph) PB

    24. Jim Gleeson (SPCC) 28:22 (21.15mph)
    25. Tony Cawthorn (RCC) 34:20 (17.48mph) PB
    DNF Kevin Allen SPCC

    The next event is a 5-mile TT tomorrow night at Scalby, primarily for juniors and women. Sign on by 6.45pm for a 7pm start.

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    Decent racing conditions out at Snainton last night. It was a bit warmer than in Scarborough, albeit still cool, and there was only a light wind from the north – enough to make it a bit ‘sticky’ from Yedingham to Ebberston, but otherwise not really a hindrance. Times were accordingly good, with quite a few riders getting PBs.

    Of the RCC riders, Nathan Little smashed his PB by over three minutes, and Mark Williams got a PB by over a minute (and beat me for the first time on a flat course). The Mallorca cycling holiday certainly seems to have done its job! Ozzy Stringer also got an excellent overall PB and took one second off Katy Cawthorn, who did her fastest 10 of the season so far. Paul Marr made a welcome return to racing, and despite some months off was still on the pace. I was happy to get round without too much discomfort, although I’d obviously have been happier if I’d beaten Mark. 😉

    There were a slew of good rides in the event overall. Ones that stood out to me were those by Matt Purnell (getting a PB), Simon Walker (a course PB, I think), and Colin France, who took about a minute off his time. It was another comfortable victory for Steve Dodds, who seems to be back on form, with strong rides by Pete Roebuck and the aforementioned Matt Purnell for second and third.

    Thanks to Debbie Mutton, Trish Dunn, and Jeff Winder for wearing yellow bibs and marshalling the corners. It doesn’t just protect us from traffic, it means we can take a more relaxed line into corners, which makes us less likely to skid and come off, like I did just under 7 weeks ago. Thanks too to Chris Pearson for standing by, to Mick and Elaine for timekeeping and signing-on riders, and to John Tillotson for pushing off. With so many riders, we’d have had a late start without all this help.

    Next event is a 10-mile interlub TT on the Malton/Pickering course next Wednesday. More details on that later.

    1. Nathan Little (HC 03:17) 22:36 5pts
    2. Katy Cawthorn (HC 05:20) 23:50 4pts
    3. Ozzy Stringer (HC 05:12) 23:57 3pts
    4. Mark Williams (HC 00:15) 23:58 2pts
    5. Paul Marr (HC 04:35) 25:05 1pt

    10 Mark Williams
    8 Ozzy Stringer
    7 Katy Cawthorn
    7 Nathan Little
    5 Tony Cawthorn
    5 Dave Bower
    2 Paul Lane
    1 Paul Marr
    1 Dave Schubert

    1. Steve Dodds (SPCC) 22:24 (26.79mph)
    2. Pete Roebuck (SRC )22:59 (26.11mph)
    3. Matt Purnell (SPCC) 23:12 (25.86mph)
    4. Simon Ward (SPCC) 23:42 (25.32mph)
    5. Stewart Pickard (VLV) 23:57 (25.05mph)
    6. Mark Williams (RCC) 24:13 (24.78mph) PB
    7. Dan Joyce (RCC) 24:16 (24.73mph)

    8. Simon Walker (SRC) 24:50 (24.16mph)
    9. Chris Duck (SPCC) 25:00 (24.00mph)
    10. Olly White (SPCC) 25:13 (23.79mph)
    11. Hannah Bayes (Liv Awol) 25:21 (23.67mph)
    12. Jonathan Dyer (SPCC) 25:29 (23.54mph)
    13. Steve Norris (SRC) 25:36 (23.44mph)
    14= Luke Backhouse (SPCC) 25:37 (23.42mph)
    14= Simon Burnley (SPCC) 25:37 (23.42mph)
    16. Colin France (SPCC) 25:46 (23.29mph)
    17. Nathan Little (RCC) 25:53 (23.18mph) PB
    18. Mike Potter (SPCC) 25:55 (23.15mph)
    19. Barrie Cappleman (SPCC) 26:25 (22.71mph)
    20. Edward Burnley (SPCC, J) 27:06 (22.14mph)
    21. Richard Sixsmith (SPCC) 27:20 (21.95mph)
    22. Ozzy Stringer (RCC, J) 29:09 (20.58mph) PB
    23. Katy Cawthorn (RCC, W) 29:10 (20.57mph) 2018 PB
    24. Paul Marr (RCC) 29:40 (20.22mph) 2018 PB

    25. Jim Gleeson (SPCC) 29:54 (20.07mph)
    26. Brian Ward (SPCC) 30:37 (19.60mph)
    27. Hester Butterworth (SPCC, W) 31:40 (18.95mph)
    28. Will Butterworth (SPCC, J) 37:13 (16.12mph)

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    Well done to everyone who took part in the ‘mountain 17’ hilly TT through Troutsdale this morning.

    1. Fred Smith (SRC) 48:35 (20.99mph)
    2. Nathan Little (RCC) 51:58 (19.63mph) PB
    3. Olly White (SPCC) 52:41 (19.36mph)
    4. P Ramsden (???) 53:10 (19.18mph)
    5. Simon Walker (SRC) 53:20 (19.13mph)
    6. Mike Potter (SPCC) 54:21 (18.77mph)
    7. Richard Sixsmith (SPCC) 58:21 (17.48mph)
    8. Paul Griffiths (RCC) 1:01:24 (16.61mph)
    9. Jay Townend (RCC) 1:02:19 (16.37mph) PB
    10. Katy Cawthorn (RCC, W) 1:06:10 (15.42mph)
    DNF Mark Williams (RCC)

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    Finally, an evening that was sunny and warm, with little wind. It looked like PB conditions and so it proved – almost everyone got one. Ozzy’s ride, in particular, was a cracker – as far as I know, that’s his highest average speed in any event, ever. He caught and passed mum Katy. It was good enough for second on actual time and first on the night in the junior points competition. Matty Dixon was first on actual time, with Ed Burnley third.

    Chris Goode is handling the points competition for juniors. I’m not sure exactly who has what points at the moment, but I’m pretty sure Ozzy is leading, Matty Dixon is second, and Ed Burnley third.

    Only two riders in the women’s competition, but it was pretty close on handicap between Helen Prole and Katy Cawthorn, just 19 seconds between them. (Bigger on actual time but that’s not the competition.)

    Thanks to everyone who helped put on the event, particularly Chris Goode, Elaine Ward and Mick Storey.

    1. Matty Dixon (SPCC, J) 11:55 (25.17mph)
    2. Ozzy Stringer (RCC, J) 13:13 (22.70mph)
    3. Ed Burnley (SPCC, J) 14:00 (21.43mph)
    4. Katy Cawthorn (RCC, W) 14:20 (20.93mph)
    5. Elliot Burnley (SPCC, J) 16:21 (18.35mph)
    6. Andrew Prole (RCC, J) 17:15 (17.39mph)
    7. Helen Prole (RCC, W) 17:31 (17.13mph)

    8. Will Butterworth (SPCC, J) 18:23 (16.32mph)

    1. Helen Prole (HC 06:15) 11:16 5pts
    2. Katy Cawthorn (HC 02:45) 11:35 4pts

    9 Helen Prole
    5 Hester Butterworth
    4 Katy Cawthorn

    The next 5-mile TT is on Friday 15 June. Any ladies out there fancy a crack at it? You don’t need to be a club member to take part, as they’re registered as ‘Come and Try It’ events. Chris Goode is overseeing the points-based junior competition, open to anyone aged 12+ and under 16. I’m overseeing the handicap competition for women beginners, for which there will be trophies at the end of the season. You can take part on any roadworthy bike except an e-bike or a recumbent. Other riders can do it too, subject to numbers (but that doesn’t seem to be a problem).

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    Yet another chilly one at Burton Fleming for last night’s interclub TT. It was so cold I put my gilet on underneath my skinsuit. It was misty and damp at first, but with a fierce headwind on Bartindale Hill, making a hard start even harder.

    Of the RCC riders, there were good efforts from Mark Williams (I remember when I used to beat him!) and Nathan Little, but I think it’s fair to say that Katy struggled round – and I definitely did. Ozzy packed as his heart wasn’t in it, while his grandad Tony shrewdly abandoned before the start.

    Riders from other clubs were about where I’d expect them to be, though Simon Ward did a particularly good ride for second, only 9 seconds behind winner Andy Askwith.

    Thanks to all the Brid marshals, and to Mick and Elaine for timekeeping.

    1. Andy Askwith (BCC) 25:22 (23.65mph)
    2. Simon Ward (SPCC) 25:31 (23.51mph)
    3. Stuart Pickard (VLV) 25:54 (23.17mph)
    4. Martin Cockerill (BCC?) 25:58 (23.11mph)
    5. Fred Smith (SRC) 26:19 (22.80mph)
    6. Matt Pilling (BCC) 26:28 (22.67mph)
    7. Mark Williams (RCC) 26:31 (22.63mph)
    8. Dan Joyce (RCC) 27:08 (22.11mph)

    9. Seb Pickard (VLV?) 27:24 (21.90mph)
    10. Olly White (SPCC) 27:47 (21.60mph)
    11. Simon Walker (SRC) 28:35 (20.99mph)
    12. Colin France (SPCC) 28:44 (20.88mph)
    13. Nathan Little (RCC) 29:03 (20.65mph) PB
    14. Mike Potter (SPCC) 29:08 (20.59mph)
    15. Karl Simpson (CS Creazzo) 34:08 (17.58mph)
    16. Katy Cawthorn (RCC, W) 34:28 (17.41mph)
    DNF Richard Sixsmith (SPCC)
    DNF Ozzy Stringer (RCC, J)
    DNS Tony Cawthorn (RCC)

    If you spot any errors, let me know.

    We’ve got three, yes THREE, TTs coming up in the next week. On Friday, it’s round 2 of the 5×5 series at Scalby. This a novice/junior/women’s event, so it’s ideal if you’ve never ridden a time trial before. It’s only 5-miles – you’ll easily do it. Meet in the Rugby Club carpark no later than 6.45pm for a 7pm start.

    On Sunday morning, it’s the mountain 17, a hilly time trial that starts and finishes in Forge Valley and goes up Forge Valley to Hackness, then through Troutsdale to Snainton, then back along the main road to Ayton and Forge Valley. It’s a good event for road riders who can climb. Meet at Old Man’s Mouth car park in Forge Valley (i.e. towards Hackness) no later than 8.45am for a 9am start.

    Then next Wednesday, it’s the usual evening TT, this time at Snainton again, around the Yedingham triangle. This is a handicap event for RCC riders. Meet at the off-road pull-in past the Coachman on the Yedingham road, signing on no later than 7pm for a 7.15pm start. I’m organising this and putting out the signs, but having been sidelined for five weeks due to injury, I would like to ride this event. As such, I need someone to put their hand up to be timekeeper, plus a minimum of two club members to help them. So: three volunteers urgently required. Can you spare an hour or so next Wednesday evening to help your club? Post here, on Facebook, or WhatsApp.

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    Well, that was brutal. More info later.

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    Some great XC racing at Hunmanby Hall last night. The track was running dry and fast, and Simon Walker had included some extra bits to keep us on our toes.

    Juniors set off first for their 30 minute race, with a gap of a minute or two to the seniors. We had a hard sprint into the singletrack, then our 45-minute race spread out a bit. I had a good battle with Stu Jackson – he’d take time out of me on the descent because he’s a better technical rider, and I’d take it back on the long straight because I’m a TTer. It was great to be racing after more than a month sidelined by injury.

    Cavan Walker’s return to riding after a month off was more triumphant than mine: he won, with Adam Ward chasing hard for second. John Galway as third. Among the juniors, Ozzy Stringer was first, with Harry and Jack Marcroft second and third. Katy Cawthorn was fastest (only!) lady.

    It was an easy-going race that you could do at whatever level you wanted, making it ideal for newbies. Whatever your level, there was someone to compete against, even if it was just yourself versus the track. No elbows-out jostling, no swearing (except when I hit my bad shoulder on a tree…). You could do it an any off-road capable bike; we had at least one cross bike, as well as a full-on fat bike. It’s not a technical track either, unless you hit the trickier bits at speed, so you don’t need mad skills to get round. Roadies could do this and I’m sure they’d like it. Mountain bikers who aren’t racers could still enjoy the chance to nail certain sections of the track.

    The only downside was the low turnout, which I can’t account for: it’s fun, friendly, off-road racing, that anyone aged 12+ could enjoy, and it’s on our doorstep. Next race is Thursday 28th June. Save the date. Get entered. And come along and have a blast.

    Thanks to Simon Walker for sorting the track and taking photos (see Facebook), Katie Cawthorn for hosting, Tilly Cawthorn for the drinks and snacks, Bryden Simpson for organising, and Pam and Richard(?) for lap-counting.

    1 Cavan Walker (8 laps)
    2 Adam Ward (8)
    3 John Galway (8)
    4 Dan Joyce (8)
    5 Stuart Jackson (8)
    6 Paul Lane (7)
    7 Martin Aston (7)
    8 Brett Baker (7)
    9 Jason MacAleese (6)

    1 Katy Cawthorn (5)

    1 Ozzy Stringer (5)
    2 Harry Marcroft (5)
    3 Jack Marcroft (5)
    4 Andrew Prole (5)
    5 Henry Baker (4)

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    What happened to summer?! It was another chilly, breezy evening for last night’s 25-mile TT from Irton, with a north-easterly wind making it fast out to the triangle but hard work coming back. Times were good in the circumstances, with both Harry Butterworth and Matt Purnell going under the hour. Bad luck to Rob Grainger, who punctured within the first minute; at least he didn’t have far to walk back…

    No RCC riders last night – although I guess there are/were 16 club members in Mallorca (most of whom have TTed in the past and all of whom ought to now be fit enough to smash out some decent times). A few of us (me, Trisha) are still a bit crocked as well…

    Thanks to Paul and Erin Griffiths for marshalling and sign collection, and to those Paragon members who stepped up on the night: John Tillotson for pushing off (something I still can’t do), Kev Allen and Elaine Ward for marshalling, and Mick Storey for spotting riders.

    1. Harry Butterworth (SPCC, J) 59:21 (25.27mph)
    2. Matt Purnell (SPCC) 59:38 (25.15mph)
    3. Steve Dodds (SPCC) 1:01:08 (24.54mph)
    4. Gary Whitton (SRC) 1:01:21 (24.45mph)
    5. Rob Corney (SPCC) 1:03:21 (23.68mph)
    6. Jonathan Dyer (SPCC) 1:04:25 (23.29mph)
    7. Paul Warters (YCW) 1:05:42 (22.83mph)
    8. Simon Walker (SRC) 1:06:05 (22.70mph)
    9. Olly White (SPCC) 1:07:03 (22.37mph)
    10. Robin Stephenson (SPCC) 1:08:06 (22.03mph)
    11. Colin France (SPCC) 1:08:12 (21.99mph)
    12. Rich Sixsmith (SPCC) 1:12:15 (20.76mph)
    13. Karl Simpson (CS Creazzo) 1:20:21 (18.67mph)
    DNF Rob Grainger (SPCC)

    If you spot any errors, let me know.

    The next TT is out at Burton Fleming again. It’s an interclub event and Bridlington CC are running it. As such, it’s not on the usual Wednesday evening but TUESDAY, with a later start of 7.30pm (sign on by 7.15 at the latest, but ideally sooner). Brid usually meet at the bottom of Bartindale rather than at the village hall.

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    Looked like it was cracking racing weather at Brompton this morning. ‘Almost float conditions’ according to Simon Walker. Times were accordingly quick, with the top two (Simon Ward and Gary Whitton) getting under 23 minutes. That’s a PB for Ozzy Stringer, I think, and there may be more. Thanks to Paragon for running this one.

    The next event is a 25-mile TT at Irton on Wednesday evening, sign on by 7pm for a 7.15pm start. I’ll be timekeeping for this again, but I need AT LEAST ONE PERSON TO HELP ME. That volunteer will put out three signs at Snainton AND marshal the main road junction. It’d take maybe an hour of your time. You’ll either need a car, or a bike that’s able to carry the signs (they’ll fit in a massive rucksack or a big pannier). If I get a second volunteer, that person can help me at the start and finish so I don’t have to push off riders with my busted shoulder. Can you help? Please let me know. The club, as ever, cannot run events without volunteers to help.

    1. Simon Ward (SPCC) 22:55 (26.18mph)
    2. Gary Whitton (SRC) 22:58 (26.12mph)
    3. Matt Purnell (SPCC) 23:22 (25.68mph)
    4. Luke Backhouse (SPCC) 24:42 (24.29mph)
    5. Paul Warters (YCW) 25:28 (23.56mph)
    6. Jonathan Dyer (SPCC) 25:30 (23.53mph)
    7. Simon Walker (SRC) 25:37 (23.42mph)
    8. Barrie Cappleman (SPCC) 25:46 (23.29mph)
    9. Mike Potter (SPCC) 26:02 (23.05mph)
    10. Colin France (SPCC) 26:21 (22.77mph)
    11. Robin Stephenson (SPCC) 26:21 (22.77mph)
    12. Ozzy Stringer (RCC, J) 27:54 (21.51mph) PB
    13. Katy Cawthorn (RCC, W) 28:55 (20.75mph) PB this year

    14. Jimmy Morrison (SPCC) 29:47 (20.15mph)
    15. Brian Ward (SPCC) 30:54 (19.42mph)

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    Another chilly evening at Snainton. I could tell because I was struggling to write the times down properly. It looked like it was going to be a really tough night, as there was a strong northerly wind blowing early on. But it died away quite a bit for the TT, and the times were accordingly pretty good.

    It was a close result, with Matt Purnell pipping Kev Allen by just four seconds, with Rob Corney third. As this was an interclub event, Paragon will score maximum points for that. RCC are second, however, as we fielded three riders – all from the same family! Katy’s ride was a good one. Simon Walker is showing a return to form too. Well done on everyone else who rode.

    Thanks to Paul Lane for pushing off and number spotting, Paul Marr for marshalling and sign collecting, and Mark Williams for marshalling and sweeping the corners. Thanks too to Brian Musson, who marshalled the first corner, and to Mick, Elaine and John for being ready to stand in if needed. As we had fewer than a couple of dozen riders (surprising for an interclub), me and Paul were able to do both start and finish.

    1. Matt Purnell (SPCC) 24:07 (24.88mph)
    2. Kevin Allen (SPCC) 24:11 (24.81mph)
    3. Rob Corney (SPCC) 24:24 (24.59mph)
    4. Paul Hickman (MW) 24:31 (24.47mph)
    5. Luke Backhouse (SPCC) 24:55 (24.08mph)
    6. Rob Grainger (SPCC) 24:59 (24.02mph)
    7. Jonathan Dyer (SPCC) 25:25 (23.61mph)
    8. Olly White (SPCC) 25:40 (23.38mph)
    9. Paul Warters (YCW) 25:48 (23.26mph)
    10. Simon Walker (SRC) 25:55 (23.15mph)
    11. Mike Potter (SPCC) 26:44 (22.44mph)
    12. Rich Sixsmith (SPCC) 26:51 (22.35mph)
    13. Katy Cawthorn (RCC, W) 29:14 (20.52mph)
    14. Ozzy Stringer (RCC, J) 30:41 (19.55mph)
    15. Tony Cawthorn (RCC) 36:45 (16.33mph)

    16. Hester Butterworth (SPCC, W) 36:56 (16.25mph)
    17. Will Butterworth (SPCC, J) 37:54 (15.83mph)

    The next event is a 10-mile TT from Brompton at 9am on Sunday morning, which Paragon are running. Sign on by 8.45am at the latest at the bottom of Sawdon Lane. So there’s plenty of time for a Sunday ride afterwards, if you fancy a crack at it.

    After that, next Wednesday (7.15pm start, 7.00 sign on), we’ve got a 25-mile TT from Irton. We’re running that. I need TWO VOLUNTEERS to help run this: one at the start/finish, and one at the main road junction in Snainton near the Coachman. Please let me know if you can help. Without volunteers, we can’t run events.

    Profile photo of Dan Joyce Dan Joyce 

    More info tomorrow.

    Profile photo of Dan Joyce Dan Joyce 

    A chilly evening with a stiff wind for the first of in the series of 5-mile TTs on the Scalby circuit. That might account for the low-ish numbers. I’m somewhat surprised we didn’t get more women beginners, having been asked last season to offer events specifically for them. (Which is why I’ve tied a women’s handicap competition onto Chris Goode’s existing junior event.)

    A reminder for anyone who might be interested: it’s a series of five 5-mile TTs. You don’t need to be a club member to take part, as they’re registered as ‘Come and Try It’ events. Chris Goode is overseeing the points-based junior competition, open to anyone aged 12+ and under 18. I’m overseeing the handicap competition for women beginners, for which there will be trophies at the end of the season. You can take part on any roadworthy bike except an e-bike or a recumbent.

    There were some good rides last night in somewhat challenging conditions, notably by Matty Dixon, Edward Burnley, and Ozzy Stringer, who finished 1, 2, 3 in Chris Goode’s junior results (the points table for which I forgot to take a photo of). But anyone who rode deserves a pat on the back. It’ll be warmer and should be faster next time!

    Thanks to everyone who helped put on the event, particularly Chris Goode, Elaine Ward and Mick Storey.

    1. Matty Dixon (SPCC, J) 12:13 (24.56mph)
    2. Hannah Bayes (Giant Liv, W) 13:06 (22.90mph)
    3. Edward Burnley (SPCC, J) 14:03 (21.35mph)
    4. Ozzy Stringer (RCC, J) 14:26 (20.79mph)
    5. Joseph Prole (RCC, J) 16:13 (18.50mph)

    6. Adam Scott (n/a, J) 16:18 (18.40mph)
    7. Hester Butterworth (SPCC, W) 16:25 (18.27mph)
    8. Elliot Burnley (SPCC, J) 17:17 (17.36mph)
    9. Andrew Prole (RCC, J) 18:45 (16.00mph)
    10. Helen Prole (RCC, W) 18:50 (15.93mph)

    11. Will Butterworth (SPCC, J) 18:51 (15.92mph)

    1. Hester Butterworth (HC 04:00) 12:25 5pts
    2. Helen Prole (HC 04:00) 14:50 4pts

    Handicaps work like this: you’re given minutes and/or seconds to deduct from your actual time to arrive at your handicap time. The size of your handicap is eyeballed for your first event. After that, it’s based on your best time this season on that course. In the next event, Hester’s handicap will be 3:55, while Helen’s will be 6:15. So if they did identical rides next time, they’d both end up with handicap times of 12:30 – a tie. Helen thus doesn’t need to beat Hester in absolute terms to score more handicap points; she has to beat her own time by more than Hester beats her own time. In a handicap competition, you’re racing against yourself.

    The next 5-mile TT is on Friday 1 June. Any ladies out there fancy a crack at it? Next Wednesday’s TT (16 May), meanwhile, is at Snainton not Malton, don’t forget.

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