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  • Hi Dan – you prob already know this – If you have strave Premier – you can filter on the segment > club > This year . and the names and times pop up – you have to filter out the months prior to start but you can then copy into a spreadsheet and filter.

    most likely you are fully aware – but just mentioned if not

  • Hi Dan – Looks like it will be the 9th – Don’t think the people involved would have been involved with the CX event so hopefully no conflict of interests will happen.

    Thanks Jeff

  • Following on from the great day out on our last road 100 – It was suggested to build on this route and include a few more hills – Thus next year the two courses can be combined on the same day making it a club event.

    I have added Troutesdale – Thixendale – Dolby – along with access to the wolds via Butterwick from Sherburn.( be about 6500 Ft of…[Read more]

  • Hi Dan – just a point on teams – the idea being people will enter as a team encouraged by others – knowing they have company – rather than entering individually and putting it on the line, the object being to hopefully encourage more people to take part.

    maybe offer up the team idea and if too few enter then revert to individual only Jeff. I’ll…[Read more]

  • Hi Dan – I was wondering about a cluster of hills so you could have a circuit . e.g. Hay Brow – Windings – Reasty – suffield – Surgate – maybe cumboots from the bottom.

    Im sure others will have a view – don’t know any off road climbs – so that will be interesting for me .

    thanks Jeff

  • Hi to handicap can you not set say 2 pilot hills and trust people to set a time – then have a handicap within set up based on this – or just handicap after the first month based on results. I’m a believe in team efforts this will encourage teams to go out in a team and you usually put more effort in to help your team.


  • Hi Dan – I am up for the Hill Climb Comp – if you think it would encourage people to give it a go why not handicap it – or have teams of say three where all individual times count. Linking the teams into a monthly challenge might also bring some interest. With bonus point when you increase the teams overall time by 10%.

    Just an idea Jeff

  • Hi Dan – I’ve got a cold developing so can help out tonight where do you want me Jeff

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