RCC 2016 time trial series

Here are the times and dates for this year’s time trial series. They’re every Thursday evening from late April to early August, with a couple of Sunday morning events.
As usual, it’s £3 per rider per event, payable on the night, and you need to sign on at least 15 mins before the start (the times listed below). You can take part on any roadworthy bike except a recumbent or an electric bike.

Note that one or more of the Malton/Pickering events may get moved to the Snainton course, depending on what happens with roadworks. (A new roundabout is being installed by Eden Camp.)

21/4/16 Snainton 10 miles 18:45
28/4/16 Hackness Hilly 10 miles 19:00
5/5/16 Burton Fleming 10 miles 19:15
12/5/16 Snainton 10 miles 19:15
19/5/16 Snainton 15 miles 19:15
26/5/16 Malton/Pickering 10 miles* 19.15
2/6/16 Hackness Hilly 10 miles 19:15
9/6/16 Snainton 10 miles 19:15
12/6/16 Irton & Snainton 25 miles 08:00
16/6/16 Burton Fleming 10 miles 19:15
23/6/16 Malton/Pickering 10 miles 19.15
30/6/16 Snainton 5 miles** 19:15
7/7/16 Hackness Hilly 10 miles 19:15
10/7/16 Irton & Snainton 25 miles 08:00
14/7/16 Burton Fleming 10 miles 19:15
21/7/16 Snainton 15 miles 19:15
28/7/16 Malton/Pickering 10 miles 19:15
4/8/16 Snainton 10 miles 19:15

*Interclub event
**Come and try it event (open to non-members)

There will be a number of competitions running throughout the season.

Handicap competition. This will take place at the 7 events at Snainton. Everyone from RCC who competes will be given a handicap by me. That’s a time bonus (or occasionally penalty, if you’re really fast) based on your previous form on this course. The first five finishers, on handicap time, get points (5, 4, 3, 2 or 1). At the end of the season, the points are added up in your best five handicapped events. It’s worth doing all the events at Snainton that you’re able to if you’re going for the points, as even though only five will count, you can then afford to drop points in a couple. Having said that, it’s quite possible to win this competition with only four rides. It’s possible (although less likely) to win it with three rides. Note that because your handicap will also depend on your bike, you can win this series on a mountain bike, having never raced before. You’re actually more likely to do well if you haven’t raced before, as your  times will come down faster as you improve. In the unlikely event that there’s a tie on points at the end of the season, the winner will be decided by the fastest 10-mile handicap time achieved.

Time trial champion. There are three competitions – Overall, Women, and Junior (under 18). You’re eligible for any competition that you qualify for, so a junior woman could theoretically win all three trophies. This isn’t very likely, although it’s fairly plausible that a strong junior could also win the women’s trophy, or that a fit male junior could also win the overall. We’ll see. It hasn’t happened yet. All three competitions are based on average speed. Your fastest four events will averaged out. Highest average speed wins.

There are some restrictions for counting events:
– at least one of them must be a hilly TT (which means Hackness or Burton Fleming)
– for the Overall, at least one must be a 25
– no more than one counting event (although you don’t have to ride there at all) may be on the Malton/Pickering course (which is a bit faster)
– the 5-mile event will count for women and juniors; it won’t count for the overall competition

So it’s possible to qualify for these competitions with just four rides, although the more rides you do, the more you increase your chances of doing a flyer. Last year the requirement was only three rides, but I reckon that since we’re putting on a couple of 25s, it’s not unreasonable that anyone going for the Overall win rides at least one longer distance event. All you need to do is ride four events, one of them hilly – and, for the Overall, one of them a 25.

Richardsons CC is also involved in an interclub competition among the local clubs. If we get a team of a few riders, we get points depending on where we finish. We came second last year!

Events are:

Thurs 26 May Malton/Pickering 10 miles 19:15 (this is our event, above)
Tues 7 June Burton Fleming 10 miles 19:00
Tues 14 June Snainton 10 miles 19:15
Wed 29 June Castle Howard 10 miles 19:30
Tues 12 July Snainton 10 miles 19:15

We’ve got RCC mountain bike XC events on 14 June and 12 July, so I won’t be riding the interclub TTs on those dates. But if we only get a team to three of the five events, we might do okay.

Oh, as ever, I will need your help for timekeeping and marshalling. I’m sorted for the first event at Snainton, but not after that.

  1. Simon Pickering 2 years ago

    Are you OK for non-members to pitch up on the night? I was going to enter Finlay Pickering of Hull Thursday RT into the V415 on the 16.6.16 in contemplation of the later GHS round being held there.

  2. Profile photo of Simon Walker
    Simon Walker 2 years ago

    Don’t let him Dan! He’s one of those Pesky Kids that makes us look fat and slow!
    (I know we are………….but still, he’s too young and too fast!)

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