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The annual dinner on 29th January isn’t far off now. As well as food and drink, there will be prizes. This year, we’ll be handing out awards for three categories: ‘most improved rider’, ‘most successful rider’, and ‘services to the club’.

The committee will decide the ‘services to the club’ winners, but the first two categories are up for voting on by RCC members. Vote for one person in each category and then either take your nomination into the shop or e mail membership@richardsonscc.yorkshire.net. The deadline is 21st December.

Award – Grange Trophy for the Most Improved Rider


Siobhan Taylor

Siobhan was tempted onto her dinosaur of a bike in July. Since she has pedalled her socks off, lost most of the skin off her arm in a bomb hole fall, attended a skills course, bought a new bike and is now keeping up with the boys on a Thursday night, with night lights and mud.

Rex Rixon

A newcomer to cycling this year. Rex is a regular road cyclist and from the early days of walking up hills he is now up the front riding the hills and has led some road rides.  This year Rex also completed his first 10 mile time trial.

Matt Schofield

Is only 14 years old and is a newcomer to cycling.  He has ridden several 10 mile time trials this year and narrowly missed out winning the trophy for the fastest youth time up the Bartindale hill.  Matt rarely misses a club ride and he completed a  100 mile road ride this summer.

Andy Browne

Whilst Andy has been riding for a number of years over the last year he has become noticeably faster on the hills and has ridden some personal bests in time trials.  Andy has made efforts to improve his riding style by recognising his faults in spinning classes and made the necessary adjustments.

Matthew Hough

Matt has shown amazing improvement this year. From starting out on beginners rides he now can do the red run at Dalby with ease.  He attempted the red run at Glentress earlier this year and unfortunately ended up with a fractured collar bone.  He planned and led rides at the family fun day at Sawden.

Award – Richardsons Trophy for The Most Successful Club Member (Over the Past Year)


Mike Thompson

Is only 14 years old and entered his first MTB races this year in the British XC Mountain Bike Series in which he came 6th  in one race and 5th in the other.  Mike is new to the club but for his first races this year he has proved he can compete at a national level.

Debbie Richardson

Debbie entered Mountain Mayhem with the hope of not disgracing herself. She dedicated her entire being to training.

On the day she showed extraordinary bravery and determination, staying focussed and even pedalled whilst vomiting.

She came 3rd in the women’s solo riders. Outstanding result and thoroughly deserved.

David Simpson

David has shown good improvement in his fitness and competitiveness.  He came 37th in the British MTB series round 2 and 6th in the Hope series 2nd round.  He has shown great potential for the future.

Jake Finnegan

Jake has shown amazing talent at the hardest of MB disciplines the downhill race. To take part you need to be fit, skilled and very brave.  Jake has taken part in the Northern Downhill series youth class where he progressed from 10th to 4th place over the rounds.  He came 6th in the Fast and furious down hill at Hammsterly. He has shown good strong progression.

Tom Stockill

Tom has just started road racing this year but has quickly developed the drive to succeed. He has taken his training very seriously and is a fabulous ambassador for the club.  He has achieved 3rd and 2nd place at road racing; he was second in class at a national point series on his mountain bike at Dalby and 5th, 4th and 2nd in MB national cross country series.  He came first in a time trial event at Lightwater Valley.


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