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(Posted for Debbie)

Calling all members: do you want any club clothing? I plan to do an order soon, so if you want anything, please contact me ASAP. New orders can take up to 12 weeks to arrive.

You can order…

Short and long-sleeved tops – from £40

Showerproof tops – £65

Shorts – from £50

Gilets £40

And there’s lots more too (e.g. skinsuits, arm warmers, etc.)

The following is what I have in stock at the moment. (Follow the forum thread to check what’s gone from this.)

Long-sleeved ATB jersey £45 – XL and XXL only

V-necked downhill jersey £50 – M and L only

Short-sleeved road jersey £50 – S only

Short-sleeved pro road jersey £75 – S, M and L only

Long-sleeved winter jersey (fab in the rain!) S and M only

Gilet £40 – L only

Also a couple of winter jackets, £70, M and L only

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