RCC Strava hills competition

Okay, these are the climbs we’re competing on.

Dalby Forest Drive climb

Kirkgate climb

Stepney Hill Climb

Olivers mount mere to memorial

Cockmoor road climb

Whisperdales hill climb

Tw#t of a climb

Adder’s Back Climb

Richardsons stone slab climb

Monkey in a tree climb

Actually, there was one other off-road climb that tied with Monkey in a tree. That was ‘Raincliffe Gate Car Park to meadow hill’. As we’ve got a similar climb nearby (Tw#t of a climb) it makes sense to have a different type of climb somewhere else to give plenty of variety.

The competition is from Saturday 3 August to Sunday 2 February. (That gives us time to get trophies engraved before the club dinner in March.) Only rides you do within that time period wll count, so if you have a KOM from an earlier (or later) date, that won’t count. As your fastest ride within the time period won’t necessarily show to other Strava users (only your best effort is ordinarily displayed) you may need to provide a screen shot from the comparison screen (where you can display all your rides on that segment) to show you’ve done it. You must be an RCC member to take part in the competition. Rides by non-members (or lapsed members!) won’t count. Make sure you add ‘Richardsons CC’ as your club on Strava too, so that your rides will be visible to other club members.

The rider with the lowest cumulative time on the five hills, road or off-road, will win a jersey and a little plaque, like last time. So you’ll have to ride all five to be in with a shout of victory. If one person wins both competitions, it’s a bit pointless giving two jerseys, so I reckon we ought to give one jersey and two plaques in that case. To be fair, we should have separate competitions for men and women (like Strava), so there will also be two QOM competitions. We did this last year, but we didn’t have any women riding all five climbs.

You can ride the climbs as many times as you like. Mountain bikers would be well advised to get some good rides in during August, September and October, as the off-road climbs will be slower when it’s muddy. Road climbs you can do pretty much any time and be in with a chance of success.

Good luck. And try not to be sick. Wink

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