RCC teach cycling to Brownies


Eighteen Brownies in Ayton earned their cyclist badge last month. The girls of the 1st Forge Valley Brownies spent five weeks honing their cycling skills under the instruction of Mark Grange and Graham Foulds of Richardsons Cycle Club.

The girls, all aged 7 to 10, learned how to check their bicycles were safe to ride and what they ought to wear while riding them so as to be safe and visible. They learned about cycle lighting and about what to carry in a simple repair kit, which they also practised using. They even learned about fixing punctures.

It wasn’t just classroom activities either. The Brownies practised steering their bikes safely in and out of cones, and learned how to use their brakes safely. Finally, they went cycling on the road, showing that they understood the Highway Code and how to use hand signals.

‘The girls all had a fabulous time completing their cyclist badge,’ said Brownies leader Rachel Wilson. ‘A couple of them were unsure on their bikes but with the encouragement and support of Mark and Graham, they became much more competent. At the end of the sessions all 18 of the girls passed and have now received their cyclist badges.

‘I would like to thank Mark and Graham for always being cheerful, patient and making the course interesting and fun enough to hold the girls attention for long enough to pass their badges!’

More photos in the Gallery, under RCC.


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