Strava hills comp is go

These are the hills we’ll be competing on.


White Gate Hill Climb

Sur Gate Climb

Coomboots Brow

Cayton to Osgodby Hill

Bickley Gate Climb


Jingleby Top Climb

Mowthorpe Rd Climb

Rainbar Climb

Cockrah Wood to Wrench Green Top

Wallis Quarry CP to Hazel Hill Corner

The Strava hills contest is from Monday 8 September to Sunday 8 February. (That gives us time to get trophies engraved before the club dinner in March.) You can ride the climbs as many times as you want. There are competitions for men, women and juniors, both on and off-road. The rider with the lowest cumulative time (in each category) on the five hills, road or off-road, will win a trophy.

Note: as there are potentially six winners (male road, male off-road, female road, female off-road, junior road, junior off-road) it’s prohibitively expensive to give out jerseys; we could do that with two winners; with six, not so much. You can win as many trophies as you’re eligible for, so yes, a junior under 18 could potentially win four. Although you might just get one great big trophy with a plaque listing all your victories if that happens.


1. You must be a paid-up member of Richardsons CC when any ride is done for it to count.

2. Before any counting ride, you must join Richardsons Cycling Club on Strava so that other club members can see your rides.

3. Only rides within the time period will count.

4. All rides must be uploaded and made public no later than the day after the climbs were ridden in order to count.

5. You can use any bicycle you like, so long as it doesn’t have an engine or a motor.

6. You must not get a tow off a vehicle or other cyclist.

7. At the end of each calendar month, we’ll publish a league table of times. If your times are not visible on Strava (because you’ve gone faster on one of the climbs at an earlier date), you must inform the organiser (Dan Joyce), either by email, text, or by posting it on the RCC forum.

8. This is meant to be self-policing but any disputes will be decided by a panel of three RCC Committee members (who may ride the climbs but who may not contest trophies). They are: Debbie Mutton, Pete Blood, and Kevin Debenham. Their majority decision is final. (So, for example, if your phone says you did a climb at 30mph, they can just toss it out as a phone error.)

That’s it. We know Strava isn’t 100% accurate, and we know all about digital EPO.  It’s just meant to be a bit of fun really, and something to do over the autumn and winter.

Even if you don’t think you’ll be in with a shout of a trophy, it’s worth having a go at to see how much you can improve on the various hills. It’s great training!

Any queries, post on the forum.


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