Strava hills comp results

Well done everyone who had a go at any of the Strava hill climbs these past five months. There were some tough ones this time (Mowthorpe!). Cut-off point for rides and getting those rides on Strava was midnight last night. So it’s a wrap.

There were some tight results this year. Donna never gave up chasing Katy for the women’s road win. The men’s road leaderboard changed order several times and was only resolved in the last week, with me edging out Cavan and Simon Walker after a ride up Sur Gate in hail. Cavan was nevertheless fastest junior on the road. Off-road, the main questions were: did you ride Mowthorpe when it was dry, and when would Steve Hopper get around to completing all five climbs to push Simon off the top of the podium? Answer: yesterday.

Trophies will be awarded at the dinner. In the meantime, if you’ve done any of the climbs, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running this spring. There’s not much that’s better than hill climbing for training!

The next Strava comp will probably kick off in August.

Here are the results. For brevity, I’ve only listed leaders and runners up.

If you think you should be on here and you’re not, let me know.


White gate Sur gate Coomboots Cayton-Osgodby Bickley gate TOTAL
Dan Joyce 02:56 05:00 06:53 02:29 03:07 20:25
Cavan Walker (J) 03:05 05:28 06:54 02:28 03:22 21:17
Simon Walker 03:21 05:11 07:13 02:29 03:06 21:20
Katy Cawthorn (W) 04:12 06:32 09:40 03:13 03:58 27:35
Donna G (W) 04:35 07:00 09:49 03:10 04:23 28:57

OFF-ROAD Jingleby top Mowthorpe Rainbar Cockrah wood-Wrench green Wallis quarry cp to hazel hill TOTAL
Steve Hopper 02:52 06:56 01:08 06:53 06:55 24:44
Simon Walker 03:56 07:41 01:23 06:49 07:24 27:13

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