TT#10 results – 25

It’s the longest day today, particularly for those of us who got up for the early morning 25-mile TT. We started at 8 (well, shortly after) to avoid the traffic. The weather was pretty good: reasonably warm and dry, but with a stiff westerly breeze. That made it pretty gruelling riding out to the ‘triangle’.

Several riders were doing their first 25-mile TT, and one (Ralph Grimwood) was doing his first TT. So that was a baptism of fire. It did mean there were quite a few PBs.

Jeff Winder got off his bike a bit like John Wayne, but was only just outside a 20mph average speed. James Robertson was comfortably under 1:15, which is a good target for your first 25, despite doing the Lyke Wake Walk the day before. Ralph Grimwood was half a minute ahead, and Donna Gisbon another half a minute ahead of him, picking up a bagful of Strava QOMs into the bargain.

Jeff Francis was a few minutes slower than his usual pace on here, mostly due to lack of riding, he reckoned. Paul Griffiths was doing his second 25-mile TT. He equalled his time this morning, despite worse conditions.

Chris Brown went well on a windy day to go under 1:08 for his first 25-mile TT, while Juan Rodriguez finished sixth despite riding a standard road bike. Paragon’s Simon Ward and Kevin Allen where fourth and fifth, respectively. I was third, having been overtaken by a fast and on-form Mat Purnell (Paragon) while I toiled up Ruston hill. Ben Roberts’ victory was never in doubt, but to get a 58 on this course in that wind is no mean feat.

Many thanks to Paul Lane for standing in at the last minute as a timekeeper, which meant I could ride, and also to Paragon’s Mick Storey, who came to support the Paragon riders and ended up pushing off for us.

Note that there’s no RCC time trial this Thursday as we’ve got a mountain bike XC race at Wykeham.


1. Ben Roberts (SPCC) 58:37 (25.59mph)

2. Mat Purnell (SPCC) 1:00:49 (24.66mph)

3. Dan Joyce (RCC) 1:03:50 (23.50mph)

4. Simon Ward (SPCC) 1:04:52 (23.12mph)

5. Kevin Allen (SPCC) 1:05:21 (22.95mph)

6. Juan Rodgriguez (RCC) 1:07:28 (22.23mph)

7. Chris Brown (RCC) 1.07:59 (22.06mph) PB

8. Paul Griffiths (RCC) 1:10:22 (21.32mph) PB =

9. Jeff Francis (RCC) 1:10:51 (21.17mph)

10. Donna Gibson (RCC, W) 1:13:31 (20.40mph) PB

11. Ralph Grimwood (RCC) 1:14:04 (20.25mph) PB

12. James Robertson (RCC, J) 1:14:34 (20.12mph) PB

13. Jeff Winder (RCC) 1:15:07 (19.97mph) PB


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