TT#4 results

Even though there was an election on today, 16 of us decided to ‘vote bike’ and go TTing instead. It wasn’t a bad night for it – a bit cool, especially towards the end, but dry and with only a light wind, which unfortunately came down Bartindale at us.

It didn’t start auspiciously. I realised when driving out that I’d got everything except the signing on sheet – and that I didn’t have time to go home and get it. Cue frantic Tweeting, Strava messaging, and emailing. Paul Lane saved my organisational bacon by bringing out some printed forms. Phew. Thanks, Paul.

We couldn’t park at the village hall in Burton Fleming due to the election voting, which meant a long trek down Bartindale from Hunmanby – and back upwards afterwards.

Some interesting results tonight, on a difficult course. Donna Gibson overhauled Kevern Stafford by two seconds and looks set to go under 30 minutes at Snainton. James Robertson took a wrong turn, so despite powering up Bartindale quickly lost quite a bit of time overall.

Jez Clifford was riding his first TT, I think? He pipped the evergreen Paul Marr by a single second.

Jeff Winder dug in after getting to the top of Bartindale and did enough to stay ahead of Donna and Kevern.

Will Palmer got well under 30 minutes – no mean feat on this course, which is a couple of minutes slower than Snainton.

Paul Lane did a respectable ride. He did bring supporters, though, and had a home ground advantage. 😉

Paul Griffiths keeps getting faster. He was only just behind Paul Lane.

Chris Brown had taped a message to his stem: head down. Whether it was that or just digging in, he did what amounts, in relative terms, to his best TT yet. A solid ride that was good enough for 5th.

I was 4th. I got up Bartindale okay – faster than Matt Atkinson and Rob Grainger – but must have lost time elsewhere, as the both took time off me.

Despite getting over a cold, Dave Thompson was a clear winner.

Many thanks to Roy Tomlin and his partner Liz for timekeeping, and to Juan Jose Rodriguez for marshalling.

Next week it’s a flatter one at Snainton. And no elections on.


1. Dave Thompson (SPCC) 24:40 (24.32mph)

2. Matt Atkinson (SPCC/RCC?) 26:03 (23.03mph)

3. Rob Grainger (SPCC) 26:11 (22.92mph)

4. Dan Joyce (RCC) 26:17 (22.83mph)

5. Chris Brown (RCC) 27:39 (21.70mph)

6. Simon Ward (SPCC) 27:41 (21.67mph)

7. Paul Lane (RCC) 28:13 (21.26mph)

8. Paul Griffiths (RCC) 28:20 (21.18mph)

9. Will Palmer (RCC, J) 29:10 (20.57mph)

10. Jim McCann (SPCC) 29:44 (20.18mph)

11. Jez Clifford (RCC) 31:06 (19.29mph)

12. Paul Marr (RCC) 31:07 (19.28mph)

13. Jeff Winder (RCC) 31:31 (19.04mph)

14. Donna Gibson (RCC, W) 32:03 (18.72mph)

15. Kevern Stafford (RCC) 32:05 (18.70mph)

16. James Robertson (RCC, J) 35:47 (16.77mph)

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