TT#5 results @ Snainton

Is it the middle of May or the middle of March? It was a cold one tonight, with the MetOffice saying ‘8 degrees, feels like 5 degrees’. That would be because of the cold norther easterly wind, which made conditions more challenging than last time we were here. Still, at least it was dry, and 18  shivering cyclists turned up to race. It was properly cold. My heart rate for the first couple of miles out to Allerston averaged 131bpm as, like most of us, my body was trying to hibernate.

The handicap times are always a good sign of how well riders have done, in relative terms. Ride of the night, then, was Donna Gibson’s: personal best, first time under 30 minutes, maximum points on handicap, and a few scalps claimed on actual time as well. Result.

Mark Williams was doing his first TT so also got a PB, just getting in ahead of Bob Heaps on handicap. Bob, who seems to go better the worse the conditions are (hills, wind etc), also PB’ed, and there’s not much on actual time between him, Mark, and Dave Schubert.

I think Will Palmer got a PB too – certainly it’s a course PB for Snainton. A good result, given the conditions, and enough to pick up a couple of handicap points.

Paul Griffiths was annoyed that he went slower than he has done before at Snainton. I expect to see him in baggy shorts and on flat pedals next week in protest. Yet you can see his ride was decent because he got points.

James Robertson was a mere 2 seconds slower on handicap than Paul, just enough to put him out of the points. Windy days are harder the smaller and lighter you are, as you’ve got less total power. 40 Watts of headwind (let’s say) is a bigger deal if you’re putting out around 200 Watts than if you’re putting out nearer 300W.

Chris Brown was a single second slower than James on handicap. Chris was my minute-man, and he seemed to get faster as the event went on. I caught him at about 6 miles, but then extended that by only 26 seconds in the distance that remained.

Jeff Winder missed his start, having headed down to the 5-mile TT start. No matter. He got a bit of extra time to warm up as we set him off last. Donna took 3 second off him tonight, so that should give the next race between them an edge.

Dave Schubert and Keith Jamieson were slower on handicap because they’ve got faster times in their past, so they get smaller handicaps. The handicap competition punishes dips in form just as it rewards those who keep getting faster!

The only other RCC rider was me. After a heavy week at work, I was hoping to get round in under 25 minutes (success) and to beat Paragon’s Matt Atkinson (fail, even though he got held up by a car). Scarborough Road Club’s Pete Roebuck tied with me, so I never saw him going around the course.

I don’t know how the other Paragon riders got on either, except that one – Jim McCann, I think – finished pedalling with one leg. Don’t know if this was cramp, a fall or a broken cleat or what. Paragon’s Dave Thompson was the overall winner on actual time. Brian Ward (aged 80!) brought the field home.

Thanks to Jackie Hough and Kev Atkinson for time keeping and pushing off, and to Dave Patch for marshalling the first right-hand corner.

Next event on Thursday is a probably shortened Hackness Hilly – to something like 8 miles. The bit cut out will be one of the flatter bits, however.

Incidentally, I seem to have inherited a seatpack, a minipump and a water bottle half full of energy drink. Email me and I’ll tell you where I live so you can pop round and get it, or else I’ll bring them to the next event.


1. David Thompson (SPCC) 23:15 (25.81mph)

2. Matt Atkinson (SPCC) 24:41 (24.31mph)

3= Dan Joyce (RCC) 24:54 (24.10mph)

3= Pete Roebuck (YHTSRC) 24:54 (24.10mph)

5. Kevin Allen (SPCC) 25:29 (23.54mph)

6. Chris Brown (RCC) 26:20 (22.78mph)

7. Mike Potter (SPCC) 26:24 (22.73mph)

8. Paul Griffiths (RCC) 26:52 (22.33mph)

9. Will Palmer (RCC, J) 27:00 (22.22mph)PB?

10. Jim McCann (SPCC) 27:56 (21.48mph)

11. Dave Schubert (RCC) 28:03 (21.39mph)

12. Mark Williams  (RCC) 28:12 (21.28mph) PB

13. Bob Heaps (RCC) 28:16 (21.23mph)PB

14. James Robertson (RCC, J) 29:09 (20.58mph)

15. Donna Gibson (RCC, W) 29:26 (20.39mph)

16. Jeff Winder (RCC) 29:29 (20.35mph)

17. Keith Jamieson (RCC) 29:33 (20.30mph)

18. Brian Ward (SPCC) 30:06 (19.93mph)


1. Donna Gibson (HC 05:54) 23:32 5 points

2. Mark Williams (HC 04:00) 24:12 4 points

3. Bob Heaps (HC 03:40) 24:36 3 points

4. Will Palmer (HC 02:08) 24:52 2 points

5. Paul Griffiths (HC 01:28) 25:24 1 point

6. James Robertson (HC 03:43) 25:26

7. Chris Brown (HC 00:53) 25:27

8. Jeff Winder (HC 03:14) 26:15

9. Dave Schubert (HC 01:44) 26:19

10. Keith Jamieson (HC 02:14) 27:19


6 Donna Gibson

5 Cavan Walker

5 Dave Schubert

4 Mark Williams

4 Paul Griffiths

4 Chris Brown

4 Jeff Winder

3 Bob Heaps

3 Iain Stewart

2 Gary Whitton

2 Will Palmer

2 James Robertson

1 Chris Clayton


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