TT#5 @ Snainton on Thursday

It’s the fifth of our TTs on Thursday. We’re back on the flat at Snainton, and it’s another handicap event. Latest forecast is cool with an easterly breeze but dry – Met Office says less than 5% chance of rain and very good visibility. Sign on by 6:45pm. First rider off about 7pm. The usual £3 to ride. As ever, you don’t need any previous experience to take part – just a roadworthy bike and to be a club member.

Here’s a reminder of the handicap points so far:

5 Cavan Walker

5 Dave Schubert

4 Chris Brown

4 Jeff Winder

3 Paul Griffiths

3 Iain Stewart

2 Gary Whitton

2 James Robertson

1 Donna Gibson

1 Chris Clayton

See PDF/JPG for more info.

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