TT#6 @ Burton Fleming, results

They weren’t wrong about the rain. It just started to spit as we were getting ready to start, then it came down biblically towards the end of the TT. Visibility and surface water were okay even as we finished, but by the time I was getting the signs in afterwards, the roads were awash.

Not surprisingly, given the grim forecast, there weren’t that many people ready to risk the weather. Rain was due – we could see the clouds, heavy with foreboding. It was cold, below 10 degrees with windchill I think. And it was windy. Northerly windy. That meant a block headwind up Bartindale. Again! I was so cold my pulse was low all the way up Bartindale, muscles burning, heart and lungs apparently just ticking over.

I passed Kevern near the pig farm and finally caught up with Cavan, who had raced the night before, as we were exiting Burton Fleming. That was bad timing on my part. It meant there was that long drag of hill right after, and Cavan climbs well. He passed me. I caught him again on the run in to the finish, and he fought back so that we crossed the line together. If it had been a photo finish, he’d have been maybe half a wheel ahead.

I saw Simon ahead, but not close enough to catch. Rob set off behind me, as he beat me at Snainton at the last event. And Jeff was off last man. We knew he’d come out to Burton Fleming, but we reckoned he might have had second thoughts due to the weather, so we’d already handed out the numbers when he rolled up.

Many thanks to Paul Lane, Ian Leaver, and Dave Myers for pushing off, timekeeping, and marshalling in conditions that were, by the end, atrocious. Rob and me were sat in my car shivering with the heater on max until about half way back to Scarborough. On the plus side, it didn’t take long to clean the bike afterwards. Hose. Oil. Done.

Note that there isn’t a time trial next Thursday, as there’s a mountain bike race at Wykeham instead. Next TT is a 25-mile event, starting at Seamer, on Sunday 1st June.


1 Dan Joyce (RCC) 26:32

2 Rob Powell (RCC) 26:37

3 Cavan Walker (RCC) 27:32

4 Simon Walker (RCC) 28:11

5 Jeff Francis (RCC) 28:55

6 Kevern Stafford (RCC) 32:06

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