TT#6 results, Hackness Hilly

Despite decent racing conditions (little wind, cool, dry) numbers were down for our sixth TT, with only 10 riders signing on at the Everley for a shortened Hackness Hilly circuit. Maybe people were put off by the last event we had here? It *is* a tough course. Still, it makes a change from racing on the flat and gives stronger climbers a chance to shine.

I was timekeeping so can’t comment on what it was like to race. I expect it was harder, as the traffic-light-shortened course omits 2 miles of largely flat road. So there’s more climbing, proportionately, and less chance to wind up the pace. Despite this, SIX riders actually went faster tonight than they did on the longer Hackness Hilly event last month. I thought Will Palmer and James Robertson might, as young riders don’t tend to suffer quite as much as the rest of us on the hills. But Jeff Winder, Kevern Stafford, Donna Gibson, and Paul Griffiths all rode faster as well. Technically Doug Stanway did too, as he didn’t finish last time.

Chris Brown was marginally slower in terms of average speed than last time, but rode a more measured, controlled race, and it paid off: victory by over a minute from second placed Paul Lane. I thought Chris would win, but not by that much and not from Paul; I figured he’d beat Mike Potter, who finished third. So Paul’s second was a great result too – one to dine out on or regale the grandchildren with, eh Paul? 😉

Junior riders Will Palmer and James Robertson finished fourth and fifth, with Will edging out James by 8 seconds this time. Paul Griffiths, who was recovering from illness, was just a few seconds back.

Jeff Winder’s form has been erratic: strong in some of the early events, then dropping off, and now back on form. He took over a minute off Donna and two from Kevern to be first rider home. Donna, meanwhile, claimed another scalp in Doug Stanway, who will hope to turn the tables on the flatter events to come. Kevern was Lanterne Rouge, but still went faster than last time on this course and didn’t go home empty handed: I finally got round to giving him his trophy for getting runner up in last season’s handicap competition.

Thanks to Bob Heaps, who helped me with the watches and with spotting riders as the came in at the finish, and to the Everley for their hospitality. I feel like that’s raised the bar a bit now, though. People will be wanting things like toilets, comfy chairs, and cake every week! 😉 Oh, we bumped into Bryden as well.

Note: there’s no TT next Thursday, as the first of our MTB XC races in Wykeham. Next TT is on the Malton/Pickering course in two weeks.


1. Chris Brown (RCC) 23:22 (20.03mph)

2. Paul Lane (RCC) 24:29 (19.12mph)

3. Mike Potter (SPCC) 24:31 (19.09mph)

4. Will Palmer (RCC, J) 25:03 (18.68mph)- FASTER

5. James Robertson (RCC, J) 25:11 (18.58mph)- FASTER

6. Paul Griffiths (RCC) 25:14 (18.55mph)- FASTER

7. Jeff Winder (RCC) 26:11 (17.87mph) – FASTER

8. Donna Gibson (RCC, W) 27:22 (17.10mph) – FASTER

9. Doug Stanway (RCC) 27:35 (16.97mph)

10. Kevern Stafford (RCC) 28:18 (16.54mph) – FASTER


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