TT#7 results

Another dry and sunny evening for this evening’s TT on the Malton/Pickering course. There was a fairly  stiff breeze but it was mostly a crosswind. There was a bit of headwind on the way out and a bit of a tailwind back. It didn’t feel especially quick while riding, yet there were PBs everywhere, some riders taking a handful of seconds off, others a minute or more. Malton is a quicker course, being a straight out and back with one turn. It’s probably harder mentally, as there’s no respite anywhere and nothing to distract you.

Jeff Winder seemed a bit down with his time at the end. It’s still 7 seconds quicker than he’s gone before. James Robertson knocked a minute off his PB, while Donna knocked nearly two minutes off hers! That was enough for her to tie with Doug Stanway. Bob Heaps took almost a minute off his PB (after he’d found the start, lol). Dave Schubert PB’d, as did Paul Griffiths and Will Palmer – both of whom will now be looking forward to going under 26 minutes. Check out how close it was between 6th and 8th: two seconds separated three riders. Jeff Francis, who has gone quicker before, was the rider in the middle. It could be an interesting battle between these three as the season goes on, as it could be between Jeff, James, Donna and Doug.

Chris Brown seems to do better on hillier courses than flat ones, losing time tonight to Paragon’s Mike Potter. But he still rode his fastest 10-mile TT, according to my records. I reckon he’ll go under 25 minutes before the season has finished.

The only riders I saw en route were Paragon’s Simon Ward, whom I caught, and Dave Thompson, who caught me. I knocked a handful of seconds off my quickest time on this course, so was pleased with that, given my encounter with a kamikaze caravanner.

Many thanks to Paul Lane and Kevern Stafford for timekeeping and pushing off, and for maintaining a sense of humour under fire!

Next TT is a handicap event at Snainton next Thursday. We’ve got the required three volunteers for that: Dave Schubert, Chris Brown, and Donna Gibson. I won’t be at that one, as I’ll be in Holland. Have fun – type 2 fun, anyway. 🙂


1. Dave Thompson (SPCC) 22:15 (26.97mph)

2. Dan Joyce (RCC) 23:38 (25.39mph) Course PB

3. Mike Potter (SPCC) 24:54 (24.10mph)

4. Simon Ward (SPCC) 25:05 (23.92mph)

5. Chris Brown (RCC) 25:34 (23.47mph) PB

6. Will Palmer (RCC, J) 26:15 (22.86mph) PB

7. Jeff Francis (RCC) 26:16 (22.84mph)

8. Paul Griffiths (RCC) 26:17 (22.83mph) PB

9. Dave Schubert (RCC) 26:37 (22.54mph) PB

10. Bob Heaps (RCC) 27:17 (21.99mph) PB

11= Doug Stanway (RCC) 27:37 (21.73mph)

11= Donna Gibson (RCC, W) 27:37 (21.73mph) PB

13. James Robertson (RCC, J) 27:43 (21.65mph) PB

14. Jeff Winder (RCC) 28:07 (21.34mph) PB


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