TT#8 and #9 results

I wasn’t at the 10 at Snainton last week, so thanks to Dave Schubert, Chris Brown and Lorraine Naylor for doing the volunteering work. I can’t comment on the race, except to say that Donna, Bob, Will and James all look to have done cracking rides.


1. Dave Thompson (SPCC) 22:35 (26.57mph)

2. Matt Purnell (SPCC) 23:48 (25.21mph)

3. Kevin Allen  (SPCC) 24:18 (24.69mph)

4. Mike Potter (SPCC) 25:16 (23.75mph)

5. Mags Purnell (SPCC, W) 26:00 (23.08mph)

6. Jeff Francis (RCC) 26:14 (22.87mph)

7. Will Palmer (RCC, J) 26:15 (22.86mph)

8. Paul Griffiths (RCC) 26:28 (22.67mph)

9. Donna Gibson (RCC, W) 27:08 (22.11mph)

10. Bob Heaps (RCC) 27:14 (22.03mph)

11. Doug Stanway (RCC) 27:55 (21.49mph)

12. James Robertson (RCC, J) 28:03 (21.39mph)

13. Jeff Winder (RCC) 28:12 (21.28mph)


1. Donna Gibson (HC 04:26) 22:42 (5pts)

2. Bob Heaps (HC 03:16) 23:58 (4pts)

3. Will Palmer (HC 02:00) 24:15 (3pts)

4. James Robertson (HC 03:43) 24:20 (2pts)

5. Jeff Winder (HC 03:14) 24:58 (1pt)

6. Paul Griffiths (HC 01:28) 25:00

7. Jeff Francis (HC 00:44) 25:30

8. Doug Stanway (HC 02:15) 25:40


11 Donna Gibson

7 Bob Heaps

5 Cavan Walker

5 Dave Schubert

5 Will Palmer

5 Jeff Winder

4 James Robertson

4 Mark Williams

4 Paul Griffiths

4 Chris Brown

3 Iain Stewart

2 Gary Whitton

1 Chris Clayton

I *was* at the Burton Fleming hilly 10 this evening. The weather didn’t look very auspicious before the start. It was cool and breezy, and some showers passed over. Would rain set in? Thankfully, it didn’t. We raced in dry conditions, and the wind that there was was actually pretty helpful: it was only a light crosswind up Bartindale, a light headwind down past the pig farm (when you’re going downhill), and a light tailwind to finish. Times were accordingly good, with course PBs all over the place.

Jeff Winder was two minutes quicker than when he was last here. James Robertson knocked off more than six minutes, primarily by staying on the TT route this time! Keith is going well despite relatively little racing. Donna just keeps getting faster. (She’s killing it in the handicap competition as a result – see above.) Chris Brown overhauled Paragon’s Mike Potter again, as he’s done before on hilly courses. But it’s now tight between Chris, Mike and Will Palmer, who beat them both. Paul Lane pulled out all the stops for a really good result, and even I got a course PB.

Many thanks to Kevern Stafford for time keeping, Paul Griffiths for marshalling, and Jeff Francis (who didn’t like the look of the weather) for pushing off.

Next event is the 25-mile TT on Sunday morning. Sign on at the lay-by in Irton by 7:45am. Note: I’m still looking for a timekeeper for this event.


1. Dan Joyce (RCC) 25:10 (23.84mph) Course PB

2. Paul Lane (RCC) 26:25 (22.71mph) Course PB?

3. Will Palmer (RCC, J) 26:50 (22.36mph) Course PB

4. Chris Brown (RCC) 26:58 (22.25mph) Course PB

5. Mike Potter (SPCC) 27:02 (22.19mph)

6. Donna Gibson (RCC, W) 28:49 (20.82mph) Course PB

7. Keith Jamieson (RCC) 29:03 (20.65mph) Course PB?

8. James Robertson (RCC, J) 29:29 (20.35mph) Course PB

9. Jeff Winder (RCC) 29:33 (20.30mph) Course PB


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