2018 AGM Agenda & Minutes

22 March 2019 for the Year Ending Feb 2018
Hayburn Wyke

• Welcome by chair
• Minutes of the last meeting

Committee members standing and for renewal
• Chair – Debbie Mutton
• Time trial and Race Officer – Dan Joyce
• Welfare Officers – Bryden Simpson and Vicky Jones
• Treasurer – Kev Atkinson is standing down from this position with Kathy Davis volunteering to take on the role.
• Secretary and membership. Membership and external liaison – this will be split into external liaison and membership. Kev Atkinson taking on external liaison and managing the club’s emails. Lorraine will continue with membership.
• Angie Archer Committee organiser
• Social Secretary – Trish Dunn Was the social secretary but this year we are splitting this into individual events with different people coordinating.
• Chris Knight has resigned from the club. Jay Townend is now Head Coach.
• Road Rides. Ralph Grimwood is fast group coordinator. Kathy Davis and Lorraine Naylor will continue as social group coordinators with assistance from Geoff Bell. Any other ride leader volunteers welcome.
• Mountain bike liaison James Hall
• News Officer – Paul Marr

Officers reports – on the table and available on the club’s website.

New Committee members. As always if you would like to get involved please let us know. You can come and observe or get involved at events. Please speak to one of the members for more details.

What’s coming up for the year ahead. Club Calendar – Events on website/ WhatsApp and Facebook. Any suggestions for the year ahead – please write it down or email us and we’ll discuss at the next committee meeting.


Richardsons cycle Club AGM Minutes

9th March 2018

For year Ending February 2017

Held at the Rugby Club Scarborough

  1. The Chair welcomed all to the meeting – there were over 60 members present and therefore the AGM was quorate.
  2. Minutes of the last meeting were taken as a true record
  3. Committee members standing and for renewal 
    1. Chair – Debbie Mutton
    2. Time trial and Race Officer – Dan Joyce
    3. Welfare Officers Bryden Simpson and Vicky Jones
    4. Secretary and membership
      1. Membership and external liaison – Loraine Naylor
      2. Jackie Hough standing down as committee organiser
        1. Angie Archer has volunteered to take this position 
    5. Social Secretary – Trish Dunn has volunteered for this position.
    6. Head Coach – Katy Bowley has left and Chris Knight has volunteered along with Jay Townsend who will be the Cyclocross coach.
    7. Road ride coordinator Ralph Grimwood volunteered to take over from Paul Schofield for the fast group coordinator. Lorraine Naylor will continue as Social group coordinator along with support from Kathy Davis and Geoff Bell. 
    8. Treasurer – Kev Atkinson.
    9. Pete Blood resigned as Members’ meeting coordinator as we no longer host these events.

(members in bold are new volunteers and were voted in by the members present)

  1. Officers reports were accepted by the meeting.
  2. The chair asked again if anyone wanted to join the committee please let any of the committee members know.  Steve Hopper and Paul Lane have expressed an interest this year in helping out.  She thanked them and looks forward to seeing them at a committee meeting soon.
  3. The chair asked if anyone had any suggestions please email the committee for discussion at the next meeting.
  4. The chair thanked all the committee and volunteers for their efforts over the past year.
  5. On to the Awards.