What RCC did in 2018 – Committee reports

RCC Annual General Meeting Officers Reports for 2018

Chairs Comments

The club has had another successful year with all events and rides being well attended. I would like to thank all ride leaders and coaches for their continued dedication and support. 

Our youth section the RCC Trailblazers and the Go Rides have been very successful with  thanks going to all the coaches and volunteers who help at these events. A big thank you to Chris Knight who has decided to move on to pastures new for all his involvement in the Trailblazers.

Our funds remain healthy which has enabled us to support a race team (off road) and subsidise events for members. 

Thanks to everyone involved in making 2018 a very successful year.

Press Secretary’s report 

Press Secretary puts together news items for Scarborough Evening News which is published on-line and in print once a week.

The Sports Editor at the Evening News has difficulty finding space in the print version for non competitive events which means not all our events get a mention.

The Festival of Cycling and Sportive, is however, consistently given a two page spread which is good publicity. Club is contacted for comments regarding Tour de Yorkshire professional race and comments are included in the article written by the Editor.

Youth and Go-Ride activities are all covered in social media thanks to the efforts of coaches and organisers.

Race secretary report 2018 season

Once again, we ran a combined time trial calendar with Scarborough Paragon. In 2018 it was Wednesday evenings, which didn’t work out as well for members wanting to do more than one event or group ride during the week. While there was a good atmosphere and more than 30 events for RCC members to compete in, attendance by RCC riders was actually down on the previous year. For 2019, Paragon announced that they would be running events on a Tuesday evening, which clashes with our hugely popular Tuesday evening road rides and our mountain bike rides. So we’re reverting to Thursday evenings for our TTs, with some help from Scarborough Road Club.

The Nutcracker MTB XC series didn’t happen in 2018, although a few club members raced other XC, XC marathon, and cyclocross events. Bryden’s mud & grass events at Filey Country Park were well attended by club members. And those of us who raced at RCC XC events at Hunmanby Hall had a great time – we just need more competitors! You can race at whatever level you want, on any off-road capable bike, or just ride round. Much the same could be said for time trialling: you can do it on pretty much any bike at whatever level you want.

Road Rides

Road rides have been well attended over the summer both on Tuesday evenings and Sundays. Some evenings there have been over 40 riders split into four groups according to speed. As the weather has been favourable there have been fewer cancellations of rides than previous years and even when it hasn’t there have been a few hardy folks that have been out. The ride leaders have been on leadership courses and first aid. All leaders look forward to the 2019 season.

Mountain bike rides

The Tuesday and Thursday rides have been well attended in fair weather with a hard core of riders riding all winter. Now that Spring is here more adventurous rides will be back on the cards. Thanks to the ride leaders and planners for their continued dedication.

Trail blazers

The last 12 months have seen lots of new and existing riders taking part in club coaching sessions in Scarborough, Filey and Dalby Forest. Club riders have also taken part in a variety of events from local Go-Ride races to regional cluster sessions in both mountain biking and track. Many of the riders have also participated in the Tour De Yorkshire final mile event.


We have had over 170 members during 2018 many of them joining through the BC web site.  The Go rides and coaching have bought  a lot of younger riders to the club. Families are also joining regardless of whether every rides or not !

As a club the adult members are still predominately male.  This is something we need to work at in the next year, although many women do turn up for the Tuesday evening social road rides.

Welfare Officer

There have been no welfare issues to report this year. The high numbers of chikdren attending the sessions and coaching means that we have to have robust procedures in place following British cycling format. 

We do need more coaches so if anyone interested please contact Jay Townsend.

Our club mark accreditation was renewed with British cycling.

Financial Report

Richardsons Cycle Club
Annual Accounts 2018/19
Year Ended 31st January 2019
Description Income Expenditure Total
£ £ £
Subs 2125.00 0.00 2125.00
BC affliation fees 0.00 -222.50 -222.50
Club Kit  150.00 0.00 150.00
Annual Dinner 701.50 -1090.68 -389.18
BBQ event 76.00 -92.05 -16.05
Transport (Overnight / brutal) 90.00 -190.00 -100.00
Time Trials 618.00 -572.00 46.00
Sportive 2070.00 -1800.00 270.00
Go ride (TdY & BMX events) 1188.42 -912.40 276.02
Coaching 1224.00 -10.00 1214.00
Coaches Courses/expenses 0.00 -2193.32 -2193.32
Other (Website /calendars / WtY) 200.00 -1574.40 -1374.40
Donation NYCC 350.00 0.00 350.00
MTB race 180.00 -115.00 65.00
Total 8972.92 -8772.35 200.57
Bank Balance
Statement Dated 29/1/19 3696.77
Accrued Income 0
Income Rec’d in Advance 0
Unpresented Cheques 0
Pre Payments 0
Accrued Expenses 0
Balance at Bank 31/1/19 3696.77
K. Atkinson………………………………… Dated………31/01/2019……
The statement above has been prepared using the bank statements and vouchers
for the 2018/19 financial year. To the best of my knowledge this represents a true
and fair view of the receipts and payments during the period.