RCC award winners for 2018

Well done all!

Boyes Trophy Services to the Club Dan Joyce
Most dedicated (road- social) Geoff Bell
Most dedicated Road (Fast)  Mark Williams
Richardsons Most dedicated (MB)* Richard Smith
Grange Most improved  mountain biker Mark Lewis
Most Improved Road Rider (fast group) Kenny Dennis
Most improved road rider (social group) Richard Laycock
Everingham Most improved and Outstanding Achievement  Ozzy Stringer 
Time Trials TT Champion Mark Williams
TT Runner Up Dan Joyce
TT Handicap Winner Mark Williams
TT Handicap Runner UP Dave Bower
TT Junior Champion Ozzy Stringer
Women’s Champion Katy Cawthorn
5 Mile TT beginners (new this year) Helen Prole
Mountain Bike Awards XC Series Awarded at the race
Strava Hill Competition* KOM Road ( heavyweight) Jim Johnson
KOM Off road (heavy weight) Mark Lewis
QOM Road (lightweight) Katy Cawthorn
QOM Road (heavy weight) Not contested
QOM Off Road Heavyweight Not contested
KOM Off Road (lightweight) Kevin Atkinson
QOM Off Road lightweight Katy Cawthorn
Prince of Mountains Ozzy Stringer
Ian Dowkes Tree Fella Award Special (for taking the most wrong turns, generally not knowing where he is, being out front, and a good sort) ! Bob Heaps
Toby Boyes Trophy For Sportsmanship and improvement Saul Batemen
Thompson Award Services to and for 

promoting Mountain biking

Chris Cummins
Fun category Weirdest Strava Titles Steve James
Terminator Award Bad Bike ! Mark Lewis
Trail Blazers Awards Most Improved Level 1 Ophelia and Bronte Wintercroft
Most Improved Level 2 James Moore
Most Improved  kids Mountain Biker Ryan McAleese.