Membership costs £20 per year for an adult, or £35 for a family of up to two adults and three children. Those aged 16-18 can join for just £5 per year, while for under-16s it’s just £1.

If you want to upgrade your membership – from single to family, for instance – you can do so for whatever the difference is between the fees.

Membership Benefits:

  • 10% off full-price accessories at Richardsons Cycle Shop
  • Free equipment loan
  • Regular road and mtb rides
  • Youth Academy for under 16s
  • Weekends away and social events
  • Access to coaching services and advice
  • Regular club meetings with free raffle
  • Club clothing
  • Individual affiliated membership of CTC (available at £16 annually


Simply fill in the form below and take it in to Richardsons Cycles, 38-40 Castle Road, Scaborough, YO11 1XE. Or post it off with a cheque to ‘Richardsons Cycle Club’ to that address.

Alternatively, you can join online now via the Richardsons CC page on the British Cycling website. (You do not have to be a member of British Cycling to join Richardsons CC.)

If you have any queries, either drop in at the shop and ask or click on the ‘Contact Us’ link on the homepage. Either way, we’ll be happy to help.


The small print

This bit here is the terms and conditions stuff for anyone using online renewal. To join online now via the Richardsons CC page on the British Cycling website, you just need to click that link and log in. (With Facebook is easiest, or you can set up an account in a few minutes.)

Membership Terms and Conditions for online Club renewal

Adult Members

By taking out membership of Richardsons Cycle Club, individuals or their parents/guardians consent to the member being bound by the Byelaws, Technical Regulations, Code of Conduct, Child Protection and Anti-Doping policies of British Cycling. and any club rules or event rules that are adopted by Richardsons Cycle Club.
Parent/Guardian Consent – U18 members only

Parents/Guardians hold legal responsibility for all members aged under 18. Parents/Guardians understand and agree that their son/daughter participates in events promoted under British Cycling’s rules and regulations and Richardsons CC entirely at his/her own risk. Parents/Guardians are required to have considered and understand the nature of such events and have discussed them with their son/daughter. Parents/Guardians are satisfied that their son/daughter is sufficiently responsible and competent to assume responsibility for their own safety whilst engaged in competition under British Cycling regulations. Parents/Guardians are required to understand that competitors over 16 years of age are permitted to compete on the public highway and must there assume full and entire responsibility for their own safety in relation to other traffic. Parents/Guardians are required to emphasise to their son/daughter that the function of marshals in such events is to do no more than indicate the direction the rider should take and that the responsibility for safety whilst negotiating corners, turns and other hazards must rest with the rider. Parents/Guardians are required to have impressed upon their son/daughter that all competitors in events on the open road must observe the law of the land relating to road travel. Parents/Guardians agree that their son/daughter shall participate in such events without any liability whatsoever on the part of the promoter, promoting club, British Cycling, or any club or organisation affiliated thereto or their officials or members in respect of any injury, loss or damage suffered by him/her, provided that this does not exclude the liability of any such party for death or personal injury arising from that party’s negligence. Parents/Guardians confirm that their son/daughter does not have any disability or medical condition, physical or mental, which could affect his/her ability to ride safely as a racing cyclist. Parents/Guardians must notify the Compliance Officer of the Federation at once if any time their son/daughter becomes subject to a disability or medical condition, physical or mental, which could affect his/her ability to ride safely as a racing cyclist. Parents/Guardians understand that their son/daughter may be subject to anti-doping controls and that this would involve the removal of some of their clothing and the provision of a urine sample directly in the presence of a doping control officer.

Your information

Richardsons Cycle Club collects personal information when you become a member, or when you use services or products that require the collection of personal provision. We will use this information to provide the services requested, maintain records, notify you of important information regarding your membership (such as renewal notices), develop the organisation and, if you agree, send you information on things that may be of interest to you.

Updates to Membership Terms and Conditions

Richardsons Cycle Club may, from time to time, update its membership terms and conditions. Members are advised to refer to the Membership Terms and Conditions prior to the renewal of their membership annually.